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Pops of Spring

Good-bye Drab Days, Hello Spring 

Spring is (finally) rearing its colorful head. I know we aren’t done with the snow – this is the mountains after all – but I am getting anxious for bright summer sunshine. I love the pops of color poking out from stubborn snow drifts and amidst left-over autumn leaves. I took a walk yesterday and saw a full-fledged bunch of daffodils in a neighbor’s yard. I wanted to stop and smell the roses – or daffodils – and rejoice that maybe, just maybe, spring is here to stay.

Celebrating Women's History Month

Mother of interior design

I am inspired by, and thankful for, the many designers who came before me, who helped create an industry that I am thrilled to be part of. More than a century ago a woman blew the lid off the interior design industry. Up until this point, men dominated the field and relied on their architectural acumen in place of a design aesthetic. Enter Candace Wheeler, the ‘mother of interior design’.

Love Your Locals

Share the love

Love your local shops this Valentine’s Day (and week) with a little help from Slifer Designs, REstyleSOURCE and Lee Industries. Lee Industries, renowned for its made-in-the-USA quality and style from outdoor living pieces—mentally escape from this dreary winter weather—to colorful arm chairs in colors that pop and even pillows, swivels, gliders… the list goes on.

The Light Within

lighting the way

Light—natural, decorative, synthetic and even candle—inspires me. Light not only illuminates a room: it’s both a functional necessity and can be a luxurious addition to space. Whether it’s the soft glow from a table lamp to the early-morning brilliance from the sun, light can create and evoke emotion. 

Sparkle and Pop


What usually comes to mind at the start of a new year are resolutions, getting back to work and hunkering down for a long winter ahead. Instead, I am focusing on all that sparkles and pops in the cold of winter. 

Naughty or Nice, We've Got the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, when we spend hours trying to find the perfect gift for our loved ones, something that shows them how much we care for them, that shows we get their personality and style, but also shows just a little bit of us in the giving. A well-thought-out present shows the receiver that we care. Then again, there are the times when realize we forgot to get a present for the hostess or (gasp) mother in law. Read on, we have gift solutions for everyone on your list from bestie to hard-to-shop-for dad. 

Home for the Holidays

Christmas Reds &
December Whites

It’s chilly outside, so nestle inside by the fireplace and bring the season home.

I am inspired by all that this season means to me: Christmas, a long winter’s night, flickering firelight, deep fluffy snow and joy on earth…. After all, tis the season for parties, gatherings, friends, traditions and sharing many laughs.

Winter's On Its Way

Cozying Up On a Cold Winter’s Day


Dirty Hands for a Good Cause

digging in the dirt

Part of Slifer’s Cleaning Crew: Left to right – Eric Pence, Michelle Caster, MaiMai Dorn, Kari Gerber, Elizabeth Holland, Susan Ferrari, JoAnne Brutsch, Kim Toms.

Lake Tahoe's Homerun

Slifer's latest homerun

Slifer Design’s talented designers recently finished a special project in Lake Tahoe. Kim Toms completed the fixed finishes a while back, while recently Andrea Georgopolis and Shelley Neely took the Homerun project by storm in Lake Tahoe to complete the large install. The team worked feverishly, completing five units to the exacting specifications of their clients. The mountain-elegant homes came to life thanks to the tans, reds, grays, chocolate brown the designers chose for a color palette.