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Welcome Autumn

Summer's Slow good bye

Parting is such sweet sorrow, said Shakespeare’s Juliet. I feel the same about the end of summer: it’s a bittersweet time. Summer is lovely and lazy, endless-seeming days and music-and-star-infused nights. But I relish the fall and all that goes along with it.

The August Wrap Up

the dog days

Whoever said August is a month to be lazy, to kick back and daydream has not seen Slifer Designs in action. August, on the heels of celebrating our 30th anniversary throughout July, was busy for everyone. On a rainy afternoon like today it’s fun to take a moment and reflect on everything we’ve accomplished this month.

Thank the Hostess

the perfect way to say 'thank you'

Summer is barbeque and outdoor-party season– whether a backyard baby shower, early evening soiree or laughter-filled brunch with friends. A handwritten thank you is always welcome after a fun fete, and no one ever turns down a bottle of wine upon arrival. But if you want to genuinely thank your hostess and make a great impression, read on for some of our Slifer Showroom favorites.

Beyond 'Fine'

beyond 'fine': upgrades and updates

We've been lucky to do quite a few remodels lately. It's hard to believe 30 years have gone by and it's time to update. We took the quintessential ski condo from yesteryear and updated it with window coverings, furniture, paint. We made use of the huge windows, bathing the rooms in light instead of hidden behind heavy, dark drapery. Scroll through to see the transformation.

Annual Summer Sale

Stylish Savings

Everybody loves a sale... and Slifer Designs' sale is an event unto itself! We invite you to stop by the loading dock today through Monday, July 14, to get some incredible deals (30 t0 75 percent off!) on the hottest homewares. 


sum, sum, summertime

Summer is here, and I always find myself a little bit flustered by the time the 4th of July hits because – “Oh no!” - that feeling of “Summer is almost over!” flushes over me. There's so much to do in what feels like so little time. 

Slifer's 30 Days of Design

Slifer Celebrates 30 Years All Month

We have so much going on this month and are excited to share all our news. First of all, Slifer Designs is turning 30! From a one-woman, one-project start to a firm with designers who travel from Hawaii to Martha’s Vineyard, from California to Boston…. It’s hard to believe 30 years have gone by.

Pull Up a Chaise – It’s Summertime

Hot Days, Cool Nights... Summer Has Arrived

Sure, there was a frost earlier this week but we are steadfastly in the camp that summer has arrived! We love the longer days, the skipping of chores and the chance to kick back and enjoy our patios, decks, backyards and outdoor living spaces in general. Here are a few items we love for summer livin’.

Thoughtful Design is in the Details

Details, Details

In design, details matter. Your eye goes right to a chip in the paint and the presentation is lost. Paying attention to details – whether bold or subtle – is imperative for fabulous design. There is an art to creating form that accomplishes high functionality and endless beauty.

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Fireplace design challenge

The designers have been very busy this week, from community service projects to local installing local projects to readying for photo shoots – across the country.