Headed Out West

Spring is here and that means it’s time to pull out the camper, dust off the bikes and head west for the warmer weather!  As you’re driving down the interstate towards Grand Junction, Fruita and further on to Moab every other car you pass is pulling a camper with a fleet of bikes strapped to it. It’s that time of year for the mountain-town residents to put up the skis and snowsuits and head to the desert.  As soon as we pull into camp, I can’t wait to put on the flip flops and my warm weather clothes and soak up the sun on my pasty pale skin.


A couple weeks ago we loaded up the truck with the kids and headed to Fruita to meet up with friends.  After a day of biking and playing in the sun, we sat down to enjoy a cocktail in the desert alpenglow.  The orange warm hue from the sunset, the sepia sandy desert floor and the soft green vegetation surrounding our campsite was one of those perfectly created color schemes by nature.  I love finding inspiration in nature when I’m least expecting!

As I returned to work on Monday and was flipping through design magazines, I noticed they too were embracing the warmer weather by featuring indoor/outdoor living spaces and crisp white interiors.  I love how the crisp white interiors allow the view to the outdoors to be the color palette for the room.  It reminded me of the large canvas tents in the Moab desert landscape from one of our previous camping trips.

I hope you can find your inspiration where you love to be, too.

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This month’s inspiration is brought to you by Kellye O’Kelly, who has been with Slifer Designs for more than a decade. Her personal design aesthetic leans towards natural materials combined with simple clean lines – but she loves to listen to what her clients envision and create a space just for them.