48 Hours in the Desert

Two Days

in L.A.

Two crazy days in L.A. Sounds like a screenplay, doesn’t it? Instead it was a just a couple of work days for Slifer Designs’ Amy Lee Casey and Tara Klaers. The design duo did not let the fear of being in stuck in L.A. traffic hinder any of their plans to see some of the West Coast’s hippest design showrooms.

Kelly Wearstler's new showroom and store is filled with hot design finds.

Starting in Los Angeles, Amy and Tara found their way to some amazing design centers to hunt out one-of-a-kind finds for clients. With such a short time in town, the two started at the infamous Pacific Design Center, where they found cool artwork. Next they visited Kelly Wearstler’s new showroom and store, Rose Tarlow, The Rug Company and Jean De Merry in the La Cienega Design Quarter—all of which was stunning and inspiring. The designers can’t wait to use some of their new finds in Vail homes.

The Rug Company's L.A. showroom is all about floor coverings.

With only 48 hours to spend on the left coast, the pair next made their way to the desert to check on a project in Palm Springs. 

This asymmetric outdoor fireplace creates an additional living space.

The Slifer team puts hundreds of miles on their rental car, so the homeowner can relax and enjoy their pool, knowing the design work is taken care of.

Every desert should have an awe-inspiring oasis.

Although the frantic pace might exhaust most of us, Amy and Tara came back inspired, fired up and excited to show off their newest finds.

Where but L.A. would we be able to find a sparkly geode, perfect for an upcoming project in Vail?

That's the way we do it at Slifer Designs.