“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year (although, truth be told, we think every season is one of the most stunning times of the year). Our heads swirl with images of gold and yellow, rusts and reds. The way the sun hits and the aspen leaves dapple the ground, really pictures don’t do it justice but we can’t help but try to capture the magic of a Colorado fall day. It’s so easy to get inspired and feel fulfilled when we’re surrounded by so much beauty.

Senior designer Marilyn Smith Heaney had a fun outing with friends in EagleVail and just couldn’t help snapping a picture, taking a deep breath and soaking in the moment.


Sue Poisson in accounting captured the aspen glory up near Fulford, high above the town of Eagle. It’s a remote little enclave of shacks, sheds and cabins. It’s remote, lovely and totally worth imagining moving into this off-the-grid town.


Yvonne Jacobs, president, busted away for a day hike up Squaw Creek, just a short drive from her Edwards’ home. The bright yellows contrast with the luscious greens; the woodsy browns and textured leaves are almost too perfect for words.

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Design associate Melissa Dombroski captured the bright blue sky, the white of the aspens and the quaking yellow leaves in nearby Carbondale. A nature fanatic anyway, she revels being outside in the autumn light.


Store manager Lisa Mikels got away recently with her family—and if we didn’t know better, we’d think these images were faked. They made their way up to Piney Lake, 13 miles north of Vail and enjoyed a spectacular fall day. The Gore Range as a backdrop almost pales in comparison to the gold.

piney-1 piney-2

Warehouse extraordinaire Bugsy also took a trip up to Piney, but he captured the area it in a much different way.

1 2

Design associate Tessa Hyatt got to mix work with pleasure as she installed at a home in Bachelor Gulch. The most unbelievable part of these photos is that this is it #nofilter! Worth taking the long way home.

img_6349img_6338 img_6344 img_6345 img_6346 img_6347 img_6353 img_6350 img_6351 img_6352  img_6354


Recent transplant Laura Butler, has quickly fallen in love with the beauty that is truly outside her door. Wispy streaks of light and puffy clouds play off the sweet mountain lake. Who needs a vacation when this is your home?

img_4377 img_4381

Suddenly, we are all leaf peepers. Take a hike, mountain bike a trail or just step outside for a bit during lunch – we promise you won’t be disappointed. As a matter of fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll be taking out your phone to capture the moment too.