Our Process

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We meet with the client and really hear what they want from their new or remodeled project. Are they more contemporary than traditional? Do they want this house to be different from another one? What is the client inspired by?

Scheme and Plan

Slifer Designs

Schemes are concept images and fixed finishes materials. Then we move onto drawings (tile layouts, cabinetry and furniture layouts). We create renderings that are right on target of the completed project.

Finally, we review furniture and fabric options. We provide detailed information on redesigning the layout of rooms.


Slifer Designs

When designing, we don’t halt at ‘interior’: We designed the patio on an amazing piece of property in Palm Springs. We used our history with the client and designed to complement the surroundings. In Boston, we converted a rooftop deck to a true oasis, high above the city, overlooking the skyline, we installed teak benches and an outdoor sitting room.


Slifer Designs

After receiving approval, we order. Oftentimes the furnishings, and even the flooring, are custom made to exact specifications and measurements in exacting materials. If it’s not custom, we work closely with our vendors, ensuring we get exactly what our client expects. Sometimes we use existing pieces.

Slifer Designs


Some installs take a day or two. Some take a week or more. But we make tweaks as necessary to ensure the client loves coming home to their new space. We may need to stop by to touch up the paint on the pool table, buff out scratch in the floor or replace a coffee table that just didn’t fit, either in the physical space, or what the owner had envisioned.

It’s a treat to be allowed in to a design project, and a thrill to see the project come to life after months of work.


  • Interior design projects
  • Space planning
  • Fabric and furniture selections
  • Kitchen and Bath design
  • Lighting
  • Window Treatments
  • Art & Accessories
  • Customization
  • Remodel finish selection, design
  • Warehousing
  • White Glove Delivery

About Us

For over 30 years, Slifer Designs has been creating exquisite interiors where people love to live. We specialize in creating more inspired living spaces – by offering award-winning designers, timeless styles, upscale furnishings, and passionate creativity. Above all, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with your Slifer Designs experience, and that you’ll enjoy the lasting comfort of livable luxury. Visit our store in Edwards, CO to find furnishings, accessories, and gifts for homes of distinction. And arrange a consultation with our legendary designers who can show you new possibilities for your living spaces, and walk you through our Slifer Designs experience of creative and comfortable on time, on budget interior design.