Fabric Library Coordinator

This is a part-time position offering flexible hours and days. Ideal candidate will be available 10-12 hours per week.

The Details of the Job
• Establish and maintain systems of organizing and storing all fabric, textile and hard-good samples in the design library and other display areas.
• Collect all packages from the receiving area, sort and distribute them to the correct designer or location.
• Assure that the proper description, manufacturer and other pertinent details are
attached to all fabric samples.
• File all incoming and misplaced fabric samples in the appropriate storage area.
• File all incoming and misplaced hard-goods in the appropriate storage area.
• Periodically purge outdated or damaged fabric and hard-good samples.
• Maintain vendor relationships, request new samples and maintain current product catalogs.





This position is primarily responsible for selling home furnishings and accessories and providing outstanding customer service by performing the following duties.

The Details of the Job
· Greets customers.
· Provides exceptional customer service.
· Operates POS system, sells and inventory research.
· Navigates vendor websites and pricelists.
· Opens and closes cash registers. Count money and balance drawers.
· Maintains knowledge of current promotions, policies and security procedures.
· Maintains records relating to sales.
· Recommends, selects and helps locate and obtain merchandise based on client’s needs and desires.
· Answers questions regarding the store and its merchandise.
· Watches for and recognize security risks and theft and know how to handle the situation.
· Works with customers on special orders. Places the order and follow up on the order.
· Schedules and coordinates deliveries with the warehouse.
· Helps with weekly transfers.
· Keeps showroom clean and product restocked.


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