Give Thanks

Good friends, family, snow, creative design, plenty to eat, fun projects to tackle… there’s so much to be thankful for. Here are just a few of what’s making us grateful… Read on for just what each of us is thankful for. What are you thankful for? Share it with us.

Marketing manager Heidi Krzebietke and her husband picked up and moved west a few years ago. She’s thankful for leap she took: “I am very thankful for my new life in Colorado amongst the mountains like I always wanted to be.  The cherry on top is getting to work for a wonderful company with a great group of women.”


For design associate Tessa Hyatt, her dog brings her endless joy. “I am thankful for my dog, Sheeba.  After her injury, it reminds me how much of a joy she is to Charlie and I… and snow! The lack of snow really makes me appreciate it more whenever it might happen this year.”


Billing manager Sue Poisson is thankful for her parents.


Senior designer Marilyn Heaney is thankful for her incredible Mexican holiday and the fabulous group of friends she gets to spend the time with… and of course, the incredible backyard in her little piece of paradise.


Designer Kelsey Cole gets to laugh every day with her little band of lovers… aka her husband, daughter and son who bring so much love and laughter into her daily life.


Senior designer Kelley O’Kelly is feeling gratitude for a lot this year: “I’m thankful to be moving into my new house, for my parents being here to help with the kids and celebrate Thanksgiving, for all of our wonderful friends who helped out with play dates for our kids, for all of the great sub-contractors and vendors that helped us make our dream home a reality, and most importantly my husband for taking on the challenge of being the general contractor with his designer wife!”


Senior designer Kim Toms’ heart overflows with gratitude for her, and her family’s, good health.


Design associate Melissa Dombroski keeps it succinct: “I’m thankful for the man in my life!”


Finally, Yvonne Jacobs, president, is thankful for her partner in crime and best friend and husband, Chris, her two energetic kids, her sweet dog Kirby, friends who stick by through thick and thin and lots of laughs and her relationship with her Buddy Mentee, Lexus.

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Truth is, we all have so much to be thankful for… and it’s good for your heart to share the love. Everyone loves this day—succulent food and the day spent with friends and family.