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Few of us are lucky enough to turn an avocation into a vocation, but Chris Scanlan is one of those few…. And that in turn is lucky for anyone who needs help with technology services.  Back in middle and high school he helped friends and relatives with the audio/visual and computer needs. That morphed when he visited the Vail Valley and turned his hobby into a career.

Chris and his wife, Marina, recently opened Synergy Systems CO, a full-service technology company. From day one, the business has taken off and made a mark in the valley.

His passion hasn’t waned – as a matter of fact he has a never-ending mission to stay on top of industry trends. “[We stay on top of trends through] internet-based publications, journals and blog sites that offer day-by-day updates of technology trends, new products and services.  We also attend trade shows and conferences, including CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) to experience hands-on previews of these newer technologies and products from many different vendors.”

This learning pays off in a big way for clients, who get technology expertise and a high level of customer service. Right now the duo are working on a project that includes the latest in audio and video technologies with a dedicated home theater space, lighting control system, motorized window treatments and surveillance systems. It all goes hand in hand to create a home that is the epitome of easy living. “Through careful planning and open communication, the project implementation has been very successful and we look forward to finishing up later this summer,” Chris shares.

Just what is at the forefront of technology? Don’t be afraid to ask. Chris and Marina explain the details in easy-to-understand terms, which is great for those of us who might tune out. Chris genuinely gets excited when he explains technology and it draws you in.

Frances Karsh, senior designer with Slifer Designs, agrees, “They are easy to work with, knowledgeable, very thorough and quick to answer any questions. They are very helpful.”

New display technology, higher resolution and clarity are what everyone wants – and it’s here with “4K” and Ultra High Definition (UHD). “Internet-based content from providers like Amazon, Netflix and others are now providing 4K content and our clients are demanding support for this. Newer display technologies are certainly on the horizon and will continue to improve on a yearly basis,” Chris shares.

As with any technology, older systems, including lighting control, televisions and other “non-digital” video components and other critical home systems may cause headaches. Chris and Marina are adept at working on a remodel as they are on a new build. Better yet, they understand budgets.

“Our company is positioned to accommodate projects of any size. We work with many different budget levels, and tailor solutions to suit the needs and goals of our clients.  We believe that living with a Synergy solution should be easy, reliable and fun,” Chris adds before he rushes out the door to check in on the next project.  Learn more at!


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