Midwestern Tradition

Canton, OH


We were challenged to create a modern, open and bright space while keeping the style and integrity of a Tudor revival home. We chose finishes, light fixtures and furnishings that kept with a Tudor home but with a current feel and function. We salvaged and reused wood flooring, doors, hardware and stained glass windows, which added to the specialness of the project. When using new materials, we replicated original details, such as new leaded glass windows made to look like existing. We melded the new with the old creating a seamless transition from where old home ends and new remodel begins.

  • Traditional | Remodel | Bright


powder rooms


original home built

We worked with a lighting designer to ensure rooms didn’t feel dark, like a typical Tudor home. We also made sure art was illuminated and placement could be flexible.
  • Midwestern Tradition
  • Canton, OH

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