Thanks Dad…For Everything

It probably goes without saying that we love our dads – they’re the ones who didn’t miss games, helped fix the car, painted the rooms and helped move us into our first apartment. They taught us how to be strong yet flexible, to work hard for what we want and not to be afraid to reach for the golden ring. Collectively, we feel like we won that golden ring because each of our dads… are simply the best.

In celebration of Father’s Day this weekend, we created a tribute to our dads. Read on to see what our dads taught us and why, no matter how old we are, we still need them.

Design associate Tessa Hyatt has itchy feet – she’s traveled to Northern Ireland and Croatia this year, she’s visited Scotland and Hawaii; she hails from Alaska. She’s no stranger to packing up and going. She gets her natural wanderlust from her dad.


Tessa’s Dad

“I would say that the memorable moments that I’ve had with my dad are all during travel. Adventuring around the world has always been a huge part of growing up and helped me learn to work hard and play hard.”


Anyone who knows senior designer Andrea Georgopolis is a ripper on and off the mountain. She credits her dad with her ferocious speed and agile turns.


Andrea’s Dad

“My favorite thing to do with my dad is to hit the hill and do a little skiing. This tradition started 40 years ago back in Vermont at Burke Mountain. These days we hit Arrowhead and Bachelor’s Gulch.”


Founder and chief creative officer Beth Slifer fondly remembers her father – and knows he was always in her corner. She emulates his gentle demeanor, reminding us to be generous with others’ feelings. You can almost hear Beth’s Southern lilt as she describes her father.

Beth 1

Beth’s Dad

“Daddy lived 100 years and 8 months with good health and a sunny disposition. He was my greatest champion as every dad should be.  The changes in the world he experienced were amazing. It was an exciting life! Throughout it all, he was always kind and honest.  A true southern gentleman who slowly but surely embraced the dramatic changes he witnessed in American culture.”


Craig Williams and Cyndi Gershenoff reminisce about a dad who left the world too soon – and left a hole that remains many years later. His shoes are tough to fill.


Craig’s Dad

Says Craig, “This is me and Po (that’s what we called our Dad) at Carnoustie Golf Club in Scotland.  Mo and Po gave me this golf trip when I graduated college, but I asked him to join me since he was my best friend; and the one who started me in golf.  He was also my best man when Kristie and I got married.  I think of him daily and really miss his guidance.”


Cyndi agrees and keeps his words close to her heart.


Cyndi’s Dad

“My dad was a kind, giving, loving man. He was quiet and didn’t talk much, but when he did, it was always important. One of my favorite sayings was, ‘You can always say you are sorry, but you can never take back what you said.’ ”


Designer Kelsey Cole knew she lit up her dad’s eyes – she saw it when he was at her games, cheering for her and her sister.


Kelsey’s Dad

“Steve Dunaway loves his daughters more than anything and never missed a softball or basketball game!”


Office Manager Liz Ferron lights up a room, keeps things lively and colorful, and is quick with a smile and a kind word. She’s a sprite of a woman and always up for fun. She got that from her dad – we think.


Liz’s Dad

“My Pops was an artist, a Serviceman in the U.S. Air Force and a larger-than-life, goofy character. I think I may take after him a bit… with the exception of being in the Armed Forces!”


Designer Laura Butler is new to the Slifer Designs’ team but her quick wit, eagerness to learn and diving in with both feet are a wonderful addition. She gets a good joke – just as well as she can share one… something she learned from her dad.


Laura’s Dad

“Please meet John – a retired police officer who now lives in sunny Florida. He is the most goofy, fun-loving, devoted Dad. My favorite memory was when he came shopping with me for my sister’s birthday, while in uniform. He told the store employees I was a kleptomaniac and required police supervision. Thanks, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!”


Buyer and merchandiser Addie Lagace dresses to the nines and knows fashion. She knows how to cut a rug and enjoys getting out on the dance floor – with her dad.


Addie’s Dad

“My dad is always the first to dance with me, even though I am very uncoordinated and not very graceful!”


Design associate Aileen Phillips is a hard worker, gets ‘it’ and is always willing to help out, go above and beyond. It’s the small things that become larger over the years – and you just never know when a tradition will start.


Aileen’s Dad

“That’s my dad and I at the beach. He’s always there to help out with stuff. Our annual tradition lately has been having a rib night for my friends when my parents come to visit in the summer. He makes his special dry rub ribs, my mom has all the fixings of slaw, potato salad, beans, and dessert and he has everyone over for a BBQ around August. It’s become a tradition just in the last four years I’ve lived here.”


Senior designer Kellye O’Kelly loves the outdoors – she camps, hikes, runs, mountain bikes. She got the love of the outdoors from her dad.


Kellye’s Dad

“Happy Father’s Day Dad and thanks for teaching me to love the outdoors at such a young age!”


Warehouse manager, Eric Pence got his love of running at an early age. He just finished his 21st Leadville Trail 100 Run on Aug. 23rd – that’s 2,100 miles total!


Eric’s Dad

“My Dad, Mark Pence, just celebrated his 90th birthday! He was a WWII veteran. One of my favorite memories as a kid was racing him around rest areas to stretch our legs during family vacations. I was probably driving him crazy from the back seat so he knew to get me out of the car to burn off some energy. I never could beat him in a race!”


Senior designer Marilyn says that in her mind, her father was a renaissance man.


Marilyn’s Dad

“He had a doctorate in theology, was a Presbyterian minister, but spent most of his professional life as a professor at a 4-year liberal arts college.  He was Dean of Faculty and Dean of Students, taught Bible, Hebrew, Greek, Astronomy, and was the golf and tennis coach.  He spent quality time with our family in the summer traveling throughout the United States and Canada, and made those times fun!  He was an amazing man!!”


Marketing manager Heidi Krzebietke made a major life change and moved west a couple of years ago, channeling her father. She misses seeing her family but she thinks it’s one of the best decisions of her life – she spends as much time outdoors as she can.. and has seen mountain lions, bears and foxes from her remote mountain cabin.


Heidi’s Dad

“Meet my dad, Mark. He has always been an outdoorsy type of person and taught me to love fishing and the outdoors at an early age.  He is also the type of person that goes by the beat of his own drum…and I admire that about him. He has taught me to live the life that I love – no matter where it takes me.”


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