The Mother of all Products

We love our moms and look forward to celebrating with her this weekend. We’ve curated a special list of gifts that are just as special as our moms are to us.

Where would we be without our mothers? They are our champions, our support and our go-to person for advice, help and a good laugh. Moms – we salute, we love and we celebrate you.

Cyndi Gershenoff, human resources manager and a mother to two girls, admits she always has and always will rely on my mom as my go to person.  She knows me better than I know myself.
Cyndi mom
Having a mom who knows you so well is a blessing. What do you get a mom who supports you through thick and thin? How about a robe that is luxury in itself? The Ananda Robe is plush cashmere with a shawl collar for extra coziness and with two pockets to store little treasures in.
Designer Kelsey Cole got her joie de vivre from her mom. “I’ve always envied her love to celebrate life!” she says.
Kelsey Mom
A woman that has so much joy also tends to carry fun with her wherever she goes – and she goes in style. She’d love the Graf and Lantz bag that are handmade on the West Coast. They come in two colors: nubuck mercury with chalk and navy with black. Sharp yet not overdone. Go a little smaller for nights out with the Graf and Lantz handbag, constructed of rich merino-felt, which contrasts nicely with the sharply tailored style. The bridle-weight lux leather handles are sturdy for all that mom totes along.
Senior designer Kim Toms goes to her mom for advice in raising her two boys – and how to react in unfamiliar situations.
Kims's Mom
A mom who is a hands-on grandma loves a little indulgence – Lafco liquid soap that she won’t want to share with kids. It’s tough on dirt but easy on her skin. Made with natural cleansing agents and enriched with argon oil and aloe vera to soothe the and prevent moisture loss. Pair with a heaven-scent Lafco lotion that is rich, creamy and calming. Made with macadamia oil, camelina oil and vitamin E that helps keep her mountain-stressed skin nourished and smooth. The fewer chemicals, the better: the soap and soaps are strictly free of silicones, parabens, sulfates and synthetics.

Addie Lagace, merchandiser and buyer, looks to her mother to motivate her to be the best she can be… everyday.
Addie Mom
A mom who has as much energy as Addie’s mom can use a little respite from her busy life: A soft candle light, a clean, natural scent wafting through the air – every time her mom lights it she’ll be reminded how she motivates her girls to shoot for the stars. We love the vegan, soy-based blend of hard waxes, scented with essential oil-based fragrances. She’ll have almost 70 hours of scented flame.
candle only
Billings manager Sue Poisson relies on getting the dirt from her mom – not really but her mother is the source of all family information. Sue’s mom still lives on the East Coast so long conversations are a welcome break in the day – and Sue ends up with a plethora of New Hampshire-family information.
Sue Mom
Being out and about to see the family is a must for Jeannette – adding a little sparkle to her outfit is a de rigueur. Baubles don’t have to be expensive to show your mom a little love – we simply adore long, glittery necklaces look perfect with a simple tunic; try a set of faux pearls, chunky and effervescent are perfect for a summer barbecue. Bold or delicate, jewelry is almost as much fun to give as it is to receive… and every time she buckles the clasp, she’ll think of her Colorado family.
Let’s celebrate our mothers this weekend, share a laugh, enjoy a meal and give a gift that is as special as she is. There’s so much more in store, stop by, we’d love to find just what you mom wants.