Designer Favorites

We are a lucky lot – we get to see so many fabulous fun new items almost on a daily basis. We’re at the forefront of trends and are able to incorporate interesting, unique elements into our design projects. We can picture transforming our own space – and get to create and update others. It’s an amazing job and an amazing time to be in the interior design field.

Invariably, something really stands out and leaves an impression. Read on to see a few of our favorite design elements from the past year. Lucky us and lucky clients!

Kelly and Becca designed a home in Wildridge that has stunning exterior views and an even better interior. Their favorite from that project?

bunk room 2 beds

These bunk beds that the team designed and installed.  They combined two full size loft bunk beds with the queen mattress platforms including drawers, stairs with drawers and upholstered headboards custom made to complete the built-in bunk beds. This allows for maximum storage in the tidy bunkroom. Each bed has its own reading sconce. The queen beds have shelves with their own power/USB outlets for charging devices. The team’s creativity helped save the clients money as well.

Kim Toms designs sleek and contemporary to rustic and chic homes and multi-unit projects. Her favorite piece stands out in her mind.

french door

One of her best finds is the antique French door that was incorporated into a home remodel in West Vail. Unexpected, charming and perfect for the space. The homeowner intefrated this interesting character piece or ”art” in lieu of using the interior door style. Beauty is not always easy, though. The contractor had to modify the for the hinges to work and to fit into the space. The other side is less ornate but just as artfully fantastic.

President Yvonne Jacobs fell in love with this cracked resin side table, made from teak infused with resin. It’s stylish and functional – something every homeowner and designer wants.

resin side table

This is a modern and dramatic piece due to the depth of the resin, which resembles a unique quartz crystal with many different facets, it adds punch to rooms where families gather. This definitely also feels like a piece of art or sculpture in the home. It’s a perfect combination of modern and organic, clean lines and visually interesting.

Andrea Georgopolis and Oshi Gardarian traveled from coast to coast this year, yet it was easy for this team to decide on a few of their favorite installations. Looking at it, it’s easy to see how this art installation can stand out.

bird collage

The team worked on this piece in Florida – it’s eye-catching without overwhelming the room. In order for the birds to fit the wall, a full-size schematic was drawn, then two miniature holes needed to be drilled for each bird, if the hole was too big they would fall out. This was a long and  tedious process but Andrea is meticulously detailed: They all fit perfectly! And it looks amazing.

On the complete other side of the country, a piece with interesting detail stands out. In Hawaii this bone dresser has so much character. It’s beautiful from across the room and the detail up front is wonderful!

dresser in room

bone dresser in house

Favorite pieces are as subjective as is home design. A small accessory can help decide the overall look and feel of a room. Usually, though, it’s something unique, innovative and inspiring that stands out. What’s your favorite?


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