A Shopper’s Life

We can’t believe summer is already over. We love fall but look back on summer somewhat wistfully – it goes so fast. However, cozying up and finding fabulous new items makes the transition to chillier nights much easier. We’ve traveled from Vail to New York City, Miami, Dallas and North Carolina to keep our Showroom stylish and fun. You might notice some new vendors and new looks – here we’ve curated a few of our favorites to share with you.

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Staid, boring crystal is out. Clean, elegant, hand-crafted crystal is in. We’re in love with Simon Pearce’s masterpieces created in Vermont. We have had more than a few brides come in for these pieces.

Pillows… we could all wax poetic about pillows. They are so personal and change the look of a room. We’re dying over the Coral & Tusk feather and arrow pillows for a more neutral look. But, honestly, nothing beats the skull look from Rani Arabella guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests and family!

Coffee table books are elevated from yesteryear. These books not only add depth to your coffee table, but are actually fun and interesting to read. The photos will transport you and maybe even inspire you to set out on adventures of your own. We are constantly getting more books that range in subject from dogs to architecture, and pretty much anything in between.

Looking for cool, functional totes and bags? Look no further. Lance woven leather totes and Maxwell metallic linen with burlap bags can carry your farmer’s market loot or laptop; diapers to a bottle of red. The color adds a pop to your fall jean uniform.

We saved our favorite for last: the cashmere wrap. Kaley simply exudes exuberance in the spicy red-and-orange wrap. Perfect fall colors, perfect fall weight and perfect for any outfit.

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