A Spa Facelift

Spring is a time for rejuvenation, physically, mentally, emotionally and even in our design. Many of us go to a spa not only as a treat to ourselves but as a retreat from our hectic lives. But what happens when a spa needs to rejuvenate its space? Kim Toms and Tessa Hyatt were thrilled to do just than and take on another aspect of design at The Westin and Spa Anjali in Avon.

We have worked with Spa Anjali for quite some time, helping update the yoga room and public areas. We understand their aesthetic, as well as what they want to bring to the space for the clients. It’s a ‘green’ spa, using organic and natural products as much as possible. It still feels light, airy and calming – and like a true sanctuary. We set to re-create the Spa Anjali Lounge, a place where spa-goers relax before or after a treatment. It had to feel intimate and private while also being open and inviting – it had to feel personal but with commercial-grade standards. We love a challenge!

Spa Anjali lounge curtains
A local spa receives an organic facelift, readying the space for the summer glow.

The lounge space was originally separate spaces. We were tasked with creating one large space that didn’t feel cavernous or cold: it had to welcome all spa guests, whether they came solo or as part of a large group, which meant the space had to be fluid. We achieved this through tall, elegant, white privacy curtains.  Whether opened or closed, they lend an air of intimacy but don’t overwhelm the room or make it feel broken up.

Seating was important in helping create the distinct spaces. The variety of seating options can be arranged, and rearranged, in a group or separated out. For additional seating, we incorporated organic wood pieces for interest and style, along with metallic green vinyl ottoman and benches that are a fun, surprising touch. The textured chaise lounges are ample and comfort personified.

Anyone who has spent anytime here knows how we Coloradoans love the sun. However, it can be blindingly overwhelming, too. The huge windows let the light shine in –but come afternoon the sun would beat into the room in a ‘not-at-all-relaxing’ way.

Obviously we couldn’t (and didn’t want to) remove the windows. Instead we worked to complement the space with soothing dark brown/gray walls that absorb the light. We added in soft green accents that’s consistently used throughout all areas in the spa to add to the overall feel.

We added layered drapery, some of which is blackout, giving the room height and a softness that enhances the sanctuary feel. We also had a rug custom made that adds warmth, color and a softness that often is lacking in spa spaces.

While the spa finishes and fabrics feel very elegant and high-end, they had to be durable and up to commercial-use standards. Through careful research and sourcing with several of our vendors, we were able to find beautiful products that don’t look commercial-grade but will hold up and wear well.

We love how this space turned out – it’s relaxing and inviting and a favorite. It’s always a treat to work with clients that challenge us to try different design options.




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