The Slifer Designs team has perfected the art of the remodel and the craft of a new build. Through our years in the industry, we have created a process that welcomes feedback from clients, contractors and designers.

From the front desk to the interior designers to the warehouse crew, Slifer Designs has refined a streamlined process that gives customers the highest level of design experience, professionalism, and service.

Key to our planning is teamwork and communication. We work with each other, the overall project team—architects, builders, contractors, and vendors—and with clients to ensure a well-designed space is created on time and within budget.

No surprises leads to a stunning finished project… one you will love coming home to. It’s a thrill to see the project come to life after months of work.


We start with a discovery conversation with our client. Is the project a new build, rebuild or a remodel? We learn what influences and inspires them, and what they hope their home will look like. A vision starts to come to life.

Developing & Planning

Now it’s time for samples and drawings. Our design team uses the latest technologies to vision projects, and provides key drawings to the client. Communication, planning and designing continues and adjustments are made.

Budgeting & Selecting

We provide a detailed budget and then we order. Often the furnishings, and even the flooring, are custom made for the client. We work closely with our vendors, ensuring the project exceeds expectations.


With our dedicated team of White Glove experts, the plan comes to life. Perfectionism runs deep at Slifer Designs and the project isn’t complete until it’s perfect. We may stop by to touch up the paint on the pool table, buff out a scratch in the floor or replace a coffee table that just didn’t fit, either in the physical space or with what the owner had envisioned.

Our streamlined process allows us to care for clients with a team to provide comfort, stability and professionalism in each project.  We continue to evolve this process to be forward thinking and responsive in every project.

Slifer Designs – Excellence By Design

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