Airbnb-ing Your Place


Airbnb is no longer looked at as some strange lodging alternative when you’re traveling to the middle of nowhere. There is almost a cult following of travelers who prefer to stay at Airbnb properties. For the uninitiated, Airbnb, is an online company that helps travelers find interesting homes away from home. You can stay in an extra bedroom in New York City just down the street from MOMA, rent a loft in San Fran or even a tiny cabin in Minturn. Properties can run the gamut from quirky to cosmopolitan: There’s an option for just about anyone, in any locale and any time of the year.

Granted, not everyone wants to stay in someone else’s home. But Airbnb is a great way to capture an entire army of travelers. If you have the space – from an extra bedroom to an entire condo – then you are poised to start renting. (Caveat: make sure your town and or homeowner’s association allows this type of renting.)

Here are a few design tips to make your property stand out from the crowd, and be the most sought-after vacation home in the area.

First of all, think about your audience. More than likely, the visitors who want to stay at your place instead of say, the four-star property down the street, want a more authentic experience. They want to see the ‘real’ Colorado. They don’t want a sterile cookie-cutter experience, so find some local Colorado artisans, Colorado coffee table books, incorporate the rustic lodge feel or a mountain modern. Because you are renting does not mean you have to forsake your style, but just remember to incorporate your guests into the mix.
Image 1

What Colorado visitor wouldn’t love spending time in a cabin?

Decorating for a rental unit is similar to staging a home for sale – you don’t want a ton of knick knacks, family photos and other random items cluttering the space. This makes for easier cleaning and fewer items to break. Keep the board games for family fun, the interesting artwork and the usable dining ware. Go for neutral wall colors, which helps if you have to touch up scuff marks. Add in a few comfy throw pillows and blankets for color inspiration and you’re on your way to a stylish, cozy mountain retreat.ManorVail_MasterBDRM - Copy

Neutral colors with a bit of color and stunning mountain views – what’s not to love?!? 

Speaking of mountain retreat, remember to use your biggest asset – the outdoors! If you have big windows with astounding views, open those curtains. Let the view be your artwork. If you’re lucky enough to have a patio or deck, set it up for family gatherings. Maybe you can put a firepit on the deck with oversized chairs and a poof, making another living area.

Casitas.PatioA crackling fire, glass of wine and good conversation – your guests will be in heaven. 

AngelaLnBackDeck&CreekA city guest will love the tranquility of the rushing river while enjoying a good book on the deck.

You don’t need a huge home to be top on the Airbnb list – use your own style to draw guests in, and enjoy the experience!


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