An Oasis in the Desert

Desert Inspiration

Although many don’t find inspiration in the arid desert, I do. Recently I took a long weekend trip and hiked through Palm Canyon in Southern California. I found comfort in the heat, the neutral tones relaxed me: the colors, rock formations and gorges spoke to me. As the park visitor guide reads, “The Palm Canyon’s indigenous flora and fauna are breathtaking contrasts to the stark rocky gorges and barren desert lands beyond.” Nature, design, architecture and fashion are all intertwined, and sometimes it takes a few days in a different climate to see this.

“Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time…,” said Georgia O’Keeffe. Being surrounded by neutral colors makes the littlest flower, the green cactus, the blue sky really stand out—reminiscent of the pops of color we love in our living spaces. There is understated luxury in tans, beiges and ecrus, especially when paired with interesting textures, fabrics and patterns.

And of course, any time spent in the desert leads to the search for an oasis. We all have a space that relaxes and rejuvenates us, whether a backyard nook, spacious library or rock outcropping on a hike. I hope you can find your personal oasis—we’d love to be part of the journey.

This month is inspired by interior designer Fran Karsh, who found her design aesthetic while traveling the world. She's thrilled to be designing at home again, here in Colorado.

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