Artisans, United

Craftsmen: Mad skills, an eye for detail and the determination to bring a vision to life.

Interior design is such a multi-faceted and exciting profession. We’re alone at our desks much of the time, selecting, measuring and creating detailed plans. We can’t come up with a kick-ass plan, though, without the help of craftsmen; those people who are often under-sung heroes of the job.

The tradesmen the electricians, carpenters, plumbers who do the behind-the-scenes work; the work that doesn’t really get noticed until it doesn’t work. These artisans are essential to the project process and are essential to us…and our clients.

We love the collaboration that comes when five, ten or even 15 of us are sitting around the table with plans, coming up with fresh ideas and new concepts. We are open to suggestions and rely on you, the craftsman, for the best, most updated input.

Not only do we need the insight and expertise of craftsmen and artisans, our clients count on you for the nitty gritty. We are not only open to suggestions, we welcome them and rely on you for details. Is there a better, quicker, easier, more up-to-date way to install? Craftsmen also know the codes (thank you for sharing the information with us!), which help make the dream jobs a reality.

We trust craftsmen and rely on you to implement our design and vision and the client’s dream. Our drawings, as much as we love them and to tinker with them, are just that—a plan, a rendering. But the craftsmen help bring it to life—it’s a wondrous process.

Before we are in the throes of installing, let’s get together. The sooner we are all at the table, or walking the job site, the better. It keeps costs down and we’re working together for the best we can do.

So, let’s hook up. Let’s make a plan and revise this plan and bring our clients’ visions to life, together. Our skills compliment each other, which makes projects shine brighter.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so check out some of these pictures of hand-crafted artisan work that required team brain power. These are the elements that make the homes shine. Thank you!

This one-of-a-kind custom glass sculpture was designed by Slifer Designs and Jacklyn’s Glass. It was brought to life by the teams at White Lighting, Beck, Triumph and Marmot Electric.

We’re pretty sure there is no other table like this custom-designed oyster bar table. The concept was the brainchild of the client. Slifer Designs drew and designed it, Beck engineered the drain and used their know how to run the drain through the floor under the table, and Lincoln Cabinets out of Palisade made the vision a reality. It’s a conversation stopper for sure.

Our lives are equal parts indoor living, outdoor adventure and all-around entertaining. Weiland Doors made the concept sign on this main level with doors that open inside up to outside spaces for absolutely seamless entertaining.

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