Beyond ‘Fine’

Beyond ‘fine’: upgrades and updates

We’ve been lucky to do quite a few remodels lately. It’s hard to believe 30 years have gone by and it’s time to update. We took the quintessential ski condo from yesteryear and updated it with window coverings, furniture, paint. We made use of the huge windows, bathing the rooms in light instead of hidden behind heavy, dark drapery. Scroll through to see the transformation.

The living room.

The living room – before.

The living room – after. The space is light, airy and welcoming. The mountains are not just for skiing anymore; summer beckons.

Lighter colors make the living room inviting.

Natural light floods the room now.

The master bedroom before. It’s homey and cozy… and ‘just fine’. But everyone wants their master retreat to be better than fine.

Darker colors and large pieces swallow the space.

Neutrals – gray, beige, ecru – lighten the space. It’s so much better than fine now.

A guest bedroom – before.

The guest bedroom after – added space with the loft bedding and fun, plush fabrics and colors make it a coveted space.

The kitchen, after, is clutter free and with updated furniture and colors.

The rec room, before, is cozy and comfortable.

The rec room after is perfect for adults and kids alike. The colorful artwork adds fun pops of color.
While the space before was completely livable, our clients wanted a place where they would be excited to spend time, a true retreat.

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