Beyond Wallpaper


We are in love with wall treatments, which, by the way, are so much more than wallpaper. Wall treatments should reflect your style; it’s definitely a pick-me-up to a room, with offerings that go well beyond floral wallpaper from the 1990s!

Wood paneling is awesome: not the brown paneling from the 70s – we’re talking about beautiful, reclaimed (or reclaimed-looking) wood paneling hung horizontally. It adds visual interest right away to a room but doesn’t overwhelm or distract. We love it in gray for a bedroom, the hottest neutral going. On a modern staircase, wider planks in hues of brown make the home feel lofty but not too modern. It adds warmth and ties the space together.

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Not ready to take the leap with wood walls? Go for stripes, they add whimsy to a room. Vertical or horizontal, bright and playful or more sedate and calming, stripes can be the design around which you create the room. The office proves stripes can be neutral but add depth. The built-in bookshelves complement the color tones, letting the outdoor view be the star of the space.


Master retreats should be calming – but that doesn’t mean boring. Find a patterned wallpaper that ties in with the overall scheme. Wallpaper that is lightly patterned is soft on the eye without being boring or overwhelming. We love how the pattern on the paper matches that of the pillow and enhances the look of the duvet. It’s a clean, crisp look that is not matchy-matchy.


Tile looks awesome in a bathroom. It is easy to clean as an added bonus. Instead of a small tile area, though, we love using tiling from floor to ceiling for a cohesive look and feel. Tiles can be sedated and neutral, or they can be the focal point: hand-crafted tiles in a wave pattern add texture, color and a definite style to a powder room proving a small space can be just as visually impactful as a large room.

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Not sure about tiles? Search the stoneyard for a slab of granite, marble or limestone. Find a piece that has swirls, texture and color and that’s all you will need for bathroom décor.


If you’re not sold on the solid tile look, another option that is clean, unique and contemporary without being too modern is grass paper. It brings organic elements to the bath without being so hippy.


The beauty of wall treatments is that there are so many options. When Andrea sketched out this fireplace, we liked it. When we saw the completed project we were desperately in love. The fireplace has hand-crafted plaster aspen trees and leaves. Because it’s in a soft ecru, the look doesn’t take over the room but certainly is eye catching.


The owners wanted something slightly off beat for this powder room, and that is what Kellye delivered with the wallpapered take on aspen trees. The pattern is bold but the colors are muted, so it works seamlessly. Similarly, this bath’s fern-printed wallpaper pairs perfectly with the boldly textured sink. We love the slightly metallic coloring for an added oomph.

horizonpass10 kg_noell03

Grass-inspired wallpaper warms up the basement TV room. It helps make the room grown up enough for adult gatherings, but not too staid for the kids. The texture is bold while the color is neutral, creating a perfect backdrop for games, movies and playtime.


Pick your poison: wallpaper, wood, tile or a combination thereof. You can’t go wrong by spicing up your walls.

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