Boston State of Mind

Sweet Town of Mine…

I was inspired by the terrible event in my hometown, Boston, last week. Boston is a beautiful historic city and the tragedy showed the courage and heroism of the people who live there.

Marathon day is a big deal—not just for runners but for the millions of spectators, revelers and marathon-wannabes. Even those of us who have no aspiration to run, pay attention to the 26.2-mile race every April. The nation took a collective gasp of horror on Monday, April 15 when two bombs exploded, killing and maiming and trying to take our spirit. Instead of letting it define and defeat us, as Bostonians and Americans, we rallied together.

The beauty of the city that sits nestled between the ocean and the Charles River will always capture a piece of my heart. This allows for boating, fishing, sailing and crew to come in and out of the city. Just as there is nothing like a Boston accent—those curiously absent Rs—the stunning historic buildings have been kept intact and infused with updated interiors. Each neighborhood has a distinct culture, vibrancy, diversity and architecture. I have spent hours traipsing around the city, from the Backbay to the Italian North End, immersed in history and awed by the design of the buildings.

The food (lobstah anyone?), fashion and surroundings are true New England traditions. There are not many cities where a woman can sport our flag’s colors and stripes without a trace of irony—and rock the outfit. Other cities in America would reject, even boycott, a prominent gas-station sign that Bostonians embrace. As a matter of fact, we defend the infamous Citgo sign outside of Fenway park with pride. Perhaps that is what sets Bostonians apart–we are passionate, outspoken and opinionated, but we come together in a crisis. Our hearts are never worn on our sleeves, but they break for our city and neighbors when tragedy occurs, bringing us together and fighting for each other.

This blog is brought to you by designer Andrea Georgopolis, a transplant from Boston. She's been with Slifer Designs for more than a decade and travels from coast to coast designing homes.

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