Color Me Bold – Adding Splashes of Color to Your Home

Using color throughout the home is a sure-fire way to welcome spring in.

Vail Design at Altitude column
By: Yvonne Jacobs

It’s spring and it’s a time for rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation. Nothing says ‘fresh start’ like using vibrant, bold colors in unexpected spaces and unexpected ways throughout your home. Since spring can be a long time coming here—think a never-ending mud season or late-season snow storm—and color can be just the antidote to a dreary spring week.

Our mountain environment doesn’t come to life with the colors of spring that are found in so many other areas: cherry blossoms and tulips, fresh grass and lilacs take much longer to bloom here, which is why color plays such an important role in our homes. Spring is the perfect time to bring a new color scheme into your home.

Color is always a hot topic in the design world and the science behind color theory is something we take seriously here!

For the past few years we’ve worked with bright whites and neutrals, which in turn have created the perfect backdrop to work in fun pops of color throughout homes. Saturated hues are popping up everywhere—and evoke definite moods. A color creates a mood and a feeling so choose wisely.

This is the time to pick colors that speak to you: what colors have you been drawn to throughout your life? Work it into your home design. Our homes, and how we create, design and live with them, are connected to how we feel and how we want our friends to perceive us.

When I visit one of my friends, whose house is flooded with cheery yellows, bold bursts of aqua blues and natural light, I immediately feel lighter and happier. These colors are playful, and tell the world she isn’t taking herself too seriously. Yellow re-energizes and stimulates the mind—it’s a win-win.

Warmer hues, oranges and pinks, add a touch of excitement in design. These colors are associated with warmth, joy, creativity and energy. I know it might feel too bold to use these colors, so start small. Try adding in small samples of color through a candle or a few throw pillows. Like that look? Go big and paint a wall in the bright color: it’s warm and welcoming and unexpected!

Teal will stop you in your tracks, it brings about a sense of happiness. It is popping up everywhere in the design world, and we couldn’t be happier to see it and use it. Paint a unique yard-sale find in a teal lacquer finish—it’s so perfect for spring. Instead of black wrought iron on your patio, go boldly, deliciously teal. Blues and teals bring about feelings of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. It’s considered beneficial to the mind and body, and is said to produce a calming effect.

There are so many color options but one of everyone’s favorites right now is emerald green. It’s easy to see why, too. It works in so many ways and rooms; bright throws, fun glassware or even an accent wall. It’s such a strong, warm color and reflects the bright greens that will eventually pop up all around us.

Green symbolizes growth and harmony. It’s said to have a healing power and is restful for our eyes. It’s a bit of bliss in your home, and a welcome color when the weather isn’t cooperating.

So go explore the color palattes of the world. Pick a hue that excites and energizes you. There’s no time like the present to bring a fresh perspective into your home.


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