Color Theory of Bermuda

I just spent an amazing week in Bermuda. While on vacation (with 21 of my favorite family members!), I was taken back by the beauty of the island’s architecture and lush landscape. We are experiencing a very wet and green summer here but it has nothing on Bermuda!

I loved the buildings, the history practically oozed from each edifice. The buildings are mainly built of stone to withstand hurricanes and hurricane-force winds. From a designer perspective, I like seeing materials that are used in different ways around the world. Obviously, we use stone here but more for aesthetics than for its functionality.

August BlogThe roofs are primarily painted white to help keep the homes cooler in the summer months. Add to that fact the distinct tiered roof design to catch rain water, the island’s only source of fresh water, the pastel walls and the overall look is totally island and totally charming. The wood shutters hinge at the top to further protect from winds, while the arched doorways and windows add to the overall island vibe. I am in love with the place, can you tell?

Even more than the painted walls dotting the countryside and interesting roof line, though, I loved the “Welcoming Arms” of entry stairs. The entries are typically curved out – wider at the base then at the top, hence the welcoming arms. It’s such a nice concept!

What else sets Bermuda apart besides the turquoise water, pink sand beaches and turtles? What else do you need?! It’s trips like these that keep my design aesthetic fresh – when I’m scheming I love to look back on trips, various architecture and different uses of materials. It’s the little touches that make a house a home and I love to find them when I am on my travels.

Melissa-1This inspiration is brought to you by Melissa Dombroski who hails from upstate New York but calls Vail home now. When she is not designing, Melissa hikes, skis and flies downhill mountain biking. She’s been in the designindustry since 2013.


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