Custom Furniture by Highland House

100% in line with Slifer Designs’ values is Highland House Furniture. For 50 years, the Highland House name has been synonymous with fine, classic, traditional upholstery and case goods.  We agree with them that the world could use more beauty, more civility, more thoughtfulness, more authenticity. Amongst other things, traits we prioritize include manners, graciousness, gratitude, and detail-oriented execution.

This is true in life, business, and of, course, furniture. What’s on the inside matters as much as how it looks on the outside. That’s why Highland House starts with the proportions of a sketch and pairs this with refined materials to make furniture that is thoughtfully scale,, solidly constructed, and tastefully tailored. Highland House has a wide range of products, all of which may be on our showroom floor and all of which can be custom ordered to your personal taste:


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