Design Resolutions From Our Home to Yours


We polled our design staff who came up with an inspiring list of resolutions for the new year. We believe setting attainable goals, trying to make small changes throughout the year that overall will create an impact. (In other words, we’re not changing our design philosophy!) One of the best things about being interior designers, we all agree, is that no day and no two jobs are ever the same. Far from a staid, boring job, we get to create living spaces from conception and see it right through to finish product. Loving our job!

Here are a few of our goals. What are your design resolutions for 2016?

  1. Making small and or big improvements on our own homes. As designers, we get so wrapped up in our clients’ projects, selecting tile, picking paint, rearranging a floor plan, that we forget to bring the creativity home. This year, darn it, we’re making changes on our own houses to make them our homes. Interior architect and senior designer Kim Toms puts it best, “It’s important to me to make these improvements for me and my family now instead of later for the next In previous homes, we’ve done things to sell it and didn’t get to enjoy the improvements we made.”
  1. Declutter, reorganize and let go… try being, at least a little bit, minimalist. Reducing clutter allows for less chaos, mentally and physically. Keep a few of your favorites, but be thoughtful about the process. Beth Slifer succincently says, “The sentimental things can be put in a drawer.” In other words, gone but not forgotten.

Bedroom with view

  1. Combining both of the previous goals, Marilyn Smith leads the way, vowing to hire a house cleaner occasionally. It’s a bit of a splurge but there is little as rewarding as walking into a home that is tidy, organized and fresh. It’s easier to keep it clean once it is set back in order.


  1. Instead of just keeping the accessories we’ve had for years, we are going to look at pieces individually and thoughtfully. Does the antique lamp really fit my style personality? Does it make me happy when I see it? If not, find a new home for it.


  1. Conversely, instead of keeping favorite china locked away never to be used, we are pulling it out this year. It probably still won’t be used daily, but we’ll use it for birthdays or a celebratory dinner party.


  1. Lastly, we’re going to be more open to new, different and updated schemes and hues. There will always be colors that draw in each of us, but we’re going to try to explore new options. Yvonne Jacobs, president, puts it this way, “I would like to explore new colors and patterns in my projects – step out of my comfort zone.”


We have resolved to make small, subtle changes that will make us better designers and make us happier in our homes.

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