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We don’t help nonprofits to get recognized or to receive kudos. We do it simply because it’s the right thing to do. Rarely does Slifer Designs say no when asked to help a family in need, with funding for education or contributing to women’s issues. So we were quite pleased to receive this Board Resolution from BFF for work done. In particular, BFF recognized Design Associate Melissa Dombroski for all of her hardwork and relentless good attitude.

Melissa from Slifer

Adopted January 28, 2015

WHEREAS, for over 30 years, Slifer Designs has been creating exquisite interiors where people love to live; and,
WHEREAS, Slifer Designs is known in the Vail Valley for inspired living spaces, award-winning designers, timeless styles, upscale furnishings and passionate creativity; and,
WHEREAS, Slifer Designs gives back to our community by offering pro-bono work, donating product and offering financial support to worthy non-profits; and,
WHEREAS, beginning in September, 2014, through the generosity of Beth Slifer and Yvonne Jacobs, the Slifer Designs team donated substantial resources to Bright Future Foundation, making our dream of new office space a reality; and,
WHEREAS, the powers that be at Slifer Designs had the brilliance to appoint Melissa Dombroski to be BFF’s interior designer; and,
WHEREAS, Melissa exercised creativity, skillful use of space, color and texture, attention to detail, ever-present humor and generosity to design an exquisite and functional workplace; and,
WHEREAS, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Eagle County, Colorado will be served with respect and dignity due to the enormous generosity of the Slifer Designs team; therefore
That on this 28th day of January, 2015, the staff and board salute Slifer Designs, and express to the organization their deep appreciation for contributing to the mission of Bright Future Foundation.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be presented to Slifer Designs and Melissa Dombroski.

Sheri A. Mintz
Executive Director

Marilyn,Michelle, Sheri, Susan



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