Fall Favorites

The Lure of Autumn

Fall has always been my favorite season! (Read on to find why!)

  Maybe it is because my birthday is the same day as the fall equinox, marking the first day of Autumn, or maybe it’s because I grew up in New England and have wonderful memories of long winding roads, lined with trees filled with blazing fall leaves. Or maybe it’s simply that I get to dust off my leather boots and pull out my favorite knit sweaters for the season ahead?

As a designer, I love fall because it is a time that allows color and texture to play center stage: Crisp and colorful leaves, soft knits, distressed leather, weathered branches, orange pumpkins and blue skies. Fall is not only a season, it is a feeling, a cozy and comforting feeling of summer’s end waning into the holidays ahead!

This month's fall inspiration is brought to you by Designer JoAnne Brutsch. She's originally from New Hampshire, and moved to Colorado to ski for “a season” and never left. Joanne’s design philosophy is to merge both the client’s lifestyle and the natural surroundings into the design to create a one of a kind, harmonious space. 

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