Fireworks… All Year Round

Celebrating the Fourth was so fun – barbecues, parties, parades, concerts and, of course, fireworks. The heat rolled in along with guests and a full weekend of festivities. Independence Day was two weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean it has to end. Anyone can have that patriotic vibe flooding your home year round…
00000001It’s easy to incorporate red, white and blues in different aspects of your home from back patio to the bedroom or even kitchen. It doesn’t have to be kitschy if done with intent: think splashes of the patriotic hues. Don’t be limited to using these colors indoors, though. They bring the decks and patios to life with bright bursts of color. The colors enhance the existing design elements.

Red, white and blue can apply to all design styles from rustic tractional to contemporary/modern. That doesn’t work for many palettes. The key is to work it into your design style – a white-washed American flag might work perfectly with the more rustic design whereas a more abstract piece of artwork will enhance the modern design element.

Going beyond the obvious patriotic statement of the colors – what do they say individually? Red brings energy and boldness; blue aids in relaxation and white is a clean and crisp color that doesn’t take up visual space and lets your mind relax. It’s easy to see why so many of us are drawn to these colors, especially in the summer months when life is hectic with picnics and parties: we need the energy but crave the relaxation.

So, I encourage you to celebrate year round, not just July!

beccahThis month’s inspiration is brought to you by Becca Hart, a Colorado-born and raised design associate with apenchant for environmental advocacy, country music and all things active and outdoors. She enjoys all aspects of thedesign process especially utilizing different types of technology, experimenting with mixed media and natural materials.

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