Fixed Finishes That Make a Splash

Fixed finishes can be modern, sleek and even colorful – find the look you love to complete your home.

Vail Design at Altitude column
By Kim Toms

Gone are the days of boring, uninspired fixed finishes. If you were to turn your home upside down and shake it, everything that sticks are the fixed finishes (tile, flooring, plumbing, countertops). Polished chrome, one paint color, basic elements and ‘good enough’ just doesn’t cut it anymore!

We love discovering fresh and new fixed finish looks.  Remodeling a home is the perfect opportunity to upgrade finishes to make your home up to date while creating a more personal space to reflect you!

The finish options in plumbing fixtures these days are endless.  If you haven’t noticed already – unfortunately – brass is back!  Today’s brass is matte gold. If you find yourself struggling with mixing in yesterday’s favorites in today’s design: think completely outside the box and go for matte black, rose gold, copper, black platinum.

FaucetsMake It Yours

Much like making your smartphone yours – plumbing fixture manufacturers are responding by also incorporating texture into the finishes and creating options to customize their “running line” of fixtures.   Metals no longer have to match – mix it up, but make sure they create a cohesive look. Take it a step further and customize your finishes by switching out the faucet levers with wood inserts, marble or glass handles.

As you’re selecting the finish of your faucets, check out the variety of faucets: tall and curvy, short and bold, open on top, touchless – the options are truly endless. What you might love in the powder room can be totally different from what you select for the master bath. Even the way the water pours from the faucet should be considered – do you want a waterfall effect or touchless?

Tile is another fixed finish that creates, and transforms, a home. What to expect? A variety of porcelain tile looks are available and we love it.  Not only is it easy on the pocketbook, it’s very extremely durable and many options are made from recycled content. It can host a variety of design aesthetics from rustic to contemporary and everything in between. Porcelain tiles come in a variety of sizes, from oversized to mosaics to planks to even 3-dimensional shapes.  Some of these are made to look like natural stone and even to the trained eye – it’s very difficult to tell it’s not the real deal!

For the kitchen backsplash we expect to see interesting shapes, styles and colors. Brushed stainless steel tiles to wood or concrete looks jazz up the kitchen. White subway tiles are always timeless but color is also making a comeback.

Design is about finding what you love, and today there are more options then ever to customize your home. We’re all for trying something new and daring – and hope you are too!

Kim Toms is a principal at Slifer Designs. She travels to stay on top of trends and loves working unexpected elements into home design.

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