Here We Indigo-go-go

Last week we talked about keeping your space fresh with whites. This week we’re sharing our love for indigo: it’s not navy and it’s not just a trend. Indigo has been used for centuries in décor. It’s more broody than deep blue and more dramatic than purple. In accent pieces, it can anchor a room. As a wall color, it will dramatically change the mood of a room. Far from making the space dark and gloomy, it creates a feeling of warmth. It can be used in any room – I love it as surprise element in the kitchen. It can work in a rustic farmhouse or in a contemporary high-rise apartment.

contemporary kitchen imgrest

Not ready for an entire kitchen remodel? Star with indigo bell jars or a couple of handmade indigo pitchers,  indigo-rimmed plates or even a mixture of China pattern in indigo. Mixing and matching patterns is easy (no worries if one breaks!) and livens up the table.

place setting bowls

As designers, we often don’t hesitate to paint or repaint a wall, to try something new. However, not everyone is as ready to jump in with both feet, it seems an arduous undertaking, after all. In the living room, it’s easy to add bursts of indigo with pillows and throws or even interesting artwork or bold frames. Small changes are a good way to test to see if you really like the color. If it elevates your mood and feels welcoming, you can take the next step and go for an accent wall or even the entire room.

indigo wall
One way I love incorporating new pieces and new color is by refinishing something I either already have or found at an estate sale. I had a side table that had seen better days, and after a weekend’s worth of sanding and painting it indigo, I have a piece that I love and that ties in with rest of my house in an unexpected way. There are so many companies now that specialize in transforming dated pieces into colorful creations, if you’re not a DIY-er.

Patterns in indigo are phenomenal – bold and dramatic, lively and interesting. Think a batik print that is all grown up, lovingly framed and carefully hung for maximum visual impact. Try four or six smaller prints, laid out in a block pattern for even more of a statement.

framed pring pillow

Indigo is well represented at the beach and beach-inspired homes. Picture it: Greece, stark white buildings with shocks of indigo in the doorways, on the patios and in the details.

greece beach dining

For a fresh, modern take on indigo, pair it with magenta or bright orange. An indigo sofa with brightly patterned pillows in pinks and oranges – cozy but fresh and invigorating. On an indigo wall, hang a starburst-shaped, gold mirror, or try a cluster of smaller gold-framed images. It looks inspired and contemporary.

If you’ve been a fan of the monochromatic look for a while, try mixing it up. You might find you’re looking forward to coming home and with the gentle glow of an indigo wall.

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