Honoring Tradition in Design: A Weekend in Santa Fe

With technology seemingly taking over our lives, it is increasingly difficult to honor past traditions, cultures and artisans. Without thoughtful practice, we could be in danger of losing the history that helps make design great, interesting and inspirational.

oshi becca SF

With these topics in mind, Kravet invited design associates Oshi Gardarian and Becca Hart to spend three days exploring the Museum Design Summit, discussing design, creativity and ethics and how global cultures inspire trends in interiors and fashion. The duo spent time visiting the the Museum of International Folk Art, Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, listening, learning and discussing the importance of artisans in design, the influence of millenials in the modern world and how each can compliment the other.

The designers had the opportunity to listen to lectures by Lori Weitzner (CEO, Weitzner), Maxwell Ryan (CEO, Apartment Therapy), Li Edelkoort (forecaster), Rebecca Van Bergen (founder of NEST), and many other pundits in the world of design. The focus, really, was the importance of artisans throughout the world and how to take inspiration from their cultures and traditions and then translate them ethically and respectively into interior design, fashion design and product design. Doing this in a way that honors and respects others cultures and beliefs is a challenge: something that ‘looks’ cool in design could be insulting if used incorrectly.

With hours spent on smart phones and computers, sensitivity and respect for different cultures and attitudes can be overlooked. The American Indian Society has been proactive, working with Kravet (and others) to develop products that are beautiful, desirable and respectful of their culture.

A trip like this is eye opening and exciting, to be on the forefront of change and helping influence decisions is truly a designer’s dream.

“We are so thankful to have had the privilege of spending three days in Santa Fe and being a part of this incredible conference,” Oshi and Becca agreed. “We cannot wait to apply what we have learned to design projects in the future.”

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