What’s Hot in Hospitality Design

In May, Principal Kim Toms and Design Associate Tessa Hyatt attended the HD (Hospitality Design) Expo Vegas – here are their top trends

Creating inspired design in homes, multi-family units and hotels is something we love to do. For hospitality projects – think hotels, restaurants and luxury condo units – the design has to be pleasing aesthetically, meet a variety of strict codes and hold up to visitors. Staying on top of trends and codes, fresh design perspectives and new finishes are so important – and not always easy. Quality is always in style, so we love to source finds that will work across the board. The options seem endless, but we’ve managed to find a few of the home favorites.

In May, Principal Kim Toms and Design Associate Tessa Hyatt attended the HD (Hospitality Design) Expo Vegas – a show that covered acres of fixed finish and interior design territory in Las Vegas. The show was packed with furniture, lighting, plumbing and tile that will stand the test of time and consistent use.

“There were a lot of whimsical items… but the big trend we saw was a “global” aesthetic. Tribal and Moroccan patterns and textures, very earthy,” shares Tessa.

Take a look at some of our favorites from the show – and make note because before long, you will be coveting them for your own home design.


Lights are so much more than a need. They are, clearly, a design element in their own right, whether it’s a pendant light over the countertop, super-sleek light from Woodard, intricately detailed wall sconce from GlobalLighting or a bold, exciting Kelly green mid-century piece. Light up our lives, indeed!

Image 1

Fixed Finishes

Fixed finishes should be stylish and fit the project’s personality. The wall tiles add visual interest but are still neutral – they add pop in a quiet, understated way. More muted neutrals will always have a niche but these that are almost ombre in color are awesome. Funky tiles need cool faucets and it seems like manufacturers just keeping pushing the envelope on what is cool and functional. We love the matte finish in various metals; not to mention the swan-like fixtures in saturated pewter. They’ll upscale any sink!

Image 2

Rugs & Textiles

Rugs and textiles bring color, texture and fun come into a project – and there is no shortage of new, interesting patterns, colors and designs. Bold geometric shapes in a soft-tufted rug or interesting patterns speak for themselves. Even black-and-white-and-gray look amazing when put together carefully – almost too pretty to walk on. Although, as Tessa proves, the print looks good on feet! The bird patterns bring a wall to life and prove that a surprising design element is always welcome.

Image 3

Outdoor Collections

There are so many interesting new pieces to sink into, we had a hard time finding just a few! The ‘poof’ is perfect to put your feet up on or to set an appetizer tray upon. It is solid and looks so inviting and interesting – it’s perfect for summer patio season.

Chairs that are comfortable and a piece of work could either complete a design or be the design! The orange teardrop is just perfect for a quiet corner or to be the center of attention. And in case we start taking ourselves too seriously, check out this peacock-inspired chair that is solid and airy and a whimsical piece.

Image 4


Creating interesting hotel lobbies is a fun task: Cool shapes, outlandish colors and amazing design.

We are so enamored with the old-world look of these chairs but the Kelly green is totally fresh and unexpected!

Even pieces that are more neutral stand out: black leather barstools, sleek dining chairs, deep chairs with wing-sides and textured loveseats all finish the rooms perfectly.

Image 5

Wall Art

We love that art is taking all forms these days. A little bit of time and innovation can create a wall that is eye catching. Some wall hangings are quiet in color but bold in texture – this 3D piece is a statement. We’re thrilled that ‘hotel art’ is soaring to new levels.

Image 6

This is just the start of what completes our design projects. Manufacturers are being bold and daring, creating well designed finishes and accessories that is solid, durable and stylish. We’ve found a treasure trove of design and are excited to share it with you!

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