In Living Color – Go Bold at Home

It’s that time of year when the doldrums can strike. Gray skies, rain, snow and pasty skin can make us want to hibernate. If we are hibernating, we should do it in a space filled with color and with contrasting in-your-face patterns. If Mother Nature doesn’t fill the days with light and color, take matters into your own hands and splash color throughout your house. Not sure where to start? We’d love to help.


This room is equally relaxing and colorful with the bold green chairs and fun geometric-patterned pillow. The almost-citrus green is perfect this time of year as flowers push their way through the snow – a similar palette to this room. The metal lamp with crisp white shade and metallic-looking accessories add a bit of oomph, but in a neutral way. Overall the room is invigorating and definitely stylish without being trendy. Love it.

Dining1 IMG_6976

The entire room doesn’t have to be doused in color to make it stand out: try using pops of color in unexpected places like the dining room. Who would expect orange or green-textured dining chairs? The simple, clean lines of the chairs lend themselves perfectly to the bright upholstery. Combine bold with demure, bright with neutrals: Cubby-like shelves dotted with every color in the rainbow, a bright table accessory and unique artwork tie the bold together in a subtle way.

IMG_6940V2 IMG_6941V2

The great design debate: should you use patterns on the chair or on the pillow? Purely a personal decision and each looks great and freshens the room. How committed to pattern are you?  Pillows are easily changed; a chair is meant to last much longer, becoming an old friend. Cool upholstery allows you to design around the chair, finding design you might’ve been hesitant to try otherwise.


We love this combination – a bold, geometric pattern in neutral tones that works perfectly with a bright throw. The key here is that the pattern is two-toned and distinctly subtle. Think houndstooth, a popular chevron pattern or Greek keys.


Blue, blue, I love you…. We love the whimsical wallpaper, the bold antiqued metal painted frame on the mirror and the juxtaposition of the bright blue bowl and white countertops. There’s no doubt you’re at the ocean and there’s no doubt patterns and bright colors work together.

Stairs_Art resize

Not into wallpaper? There are certainly other ways to incorporate bold color and big patterns into your home that bring joy: bold, splashy art. Find a piece that speaks to you with bright colorful swirls or intricate patterns, abstract or literal. Hanging a large piece on a neutral wall lets the art take center stage.


We’ve said it before and it’s worth saying again: don’t let your home have all the fun. Jazz up a wintery outfit with bright scarf or a fun new bag or purse. It’s surprising how just a little burst of color, a bit of bold, can entirely change your mood and attitude.

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