Intrigue at Maison & Objet

Recently we were asked what is intriguing in the world of design. It’s such a subjective, dynamic industry and opinion, we had a hard time narrowing it down. The question came to mind again when we recently took a trip to Maison & Objet in Miami. This is the sister to the renowned show that takes place in Paris, and this show definitely had a European flair. It was exciting to see designers from France, Belgium Scandinavia and Germany and to hear spirited design-inspired conversations take place in different languages.

It reminded me that design itself is a universal language – that we all want to create beautiful, welcoming homes in designs as unique and personal as our clients. But it’s interesting to see styles that start off specific to one locale and soon enough transform and transport the design – think of Ikea’s light wood and clean lines that are ubiquitous.

So to me, what is intriguing in design is design itself, the way one object or design can be interpreted completely differently depending on its use. Here are just a few objects of intrigue from Miami to you.

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