Is it In or Is it Out? You Decide for 2017

So far 2017 is looking pretty good: mounds of fresh powder, kind folks, updated store and an incredible design studio are just a few things we are celebrating.

What’s in and what’s out for home this year? Read on, we have some great tips from huge makeovers to small fixes to make your house the place you want to spend all your free time this year.

♥ Color. Be bold, be audacious, find what you love and go with it. Don’t necessarily think about painting a room a bright orange, but think about using an accent piece that draws the eye in and warms the home.

♥ Wallpaper. This is not what your parents did in the ’80s. It reinvigorates a room with cool, fresh design in patterns and textures unlike anything you’ve seen in the past.

♥ Upcycling. We all love to have a unique home and when you create an upcycled piece, it’s fresh, different and definitely one-of-a-kind. Bonus: it’s good for the environment.

♥ Neutrals. They have their place and do it well. The beiges, the grays, the off-whites are the silent heroes of home design. Don’t feel undone if your home is more ecru than edgy… because white is edgy in its own right.

♥ Artisan crafts. Not stuff that looks handcrafted, but actual hand-crafted wares from artists who are passionate and it shows. It may be a blown-glass vase or acrylic painting that are one-of-a-kind and create an impact.

♥ Combinations. Combine soft textiles with sleek woods or warm metals. It makes cold lines warm and creates a relaxing environment. Shiny metals with smooth velvets create a cool space.

♥ Signature. Find one piece you love and work around it, work it into your home design.

As much fun as it is to welcome in new trends and styles, it’s just as refreshing and wonderful to kick the ugliest ideas to the curb… far out to the curb and away from the home!

⊗ Huge swaths of animal prints on the wall or green ferns. Seemed like a good idea but it’s just not.

⊗ Color. Yup, we said it’s a go in 2017 but too much color and too many thrown together create exhaustion. The eye darts and there is no rest. Pick a hue and love it.

⊗ Oversized furniture. Sure, it might be comfortable but that’s where the goodness ends. Even in large rooms, oversized furniture looks outdated.

⊗ Marble bathrooms. This is definitely subjective because a few of us love the clean, white marble look. Others are saying it’s passé—you get to decide (as with any design decision!).

What do you think are design do’s and design don’ts? Share with us!



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