It’s All White

We were delighted to receive so much snow over the past several weeks. It seems like the rest of the country begrudgingly is allowing winter into their lives. Where others complain, we rejoice. Snow! It’s magical, peaceful and makes the world sparkle. What a way to start a new year, with a soft white glow.

No need to keep the white outside, though. There’s a white-hot trend happening right now: white throughout the house. Entire rooms in shades of white. Gone are the days where white is stark and cold. It’s ethereal and calming, bright without being overwhelming.  Hesitant to convert an entire room to white? Go for a light-colored chair and luxurious, cozy (perfect for a cold winter morning) faux fur throw.

This chair and ottoman and lets you ease your way into the white out. The rounded arms, deep seat and bold legs It makes me want to kick back and put my feet up!


I usually change over to white curtains, white sheets and white accents in the summer – that incredible feeling of lightness. But these white, with pops-of-color bedrooms, make me want to go for the white right now. It’s not stark or boring by any means, it’s lavish and welcoming with accessories that can be totally YOU.


This white-hued living room positively makes me swoon. From the ankle-deep rug to the silver-sheened sofa. The floor-to-ceiling windows add light to the white, and the back curtain softens. Love!


A sparkling, clean, white kitchen is a dream of mine. It gives the impression of more space, an airy feel but is fully functional and family friendly.

white kitchen

Don’t fear the white. Let the snow inspire. Whiten up!

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