Lake House Bliss

Inspiration for this month’s blog comes from a place deep in my heart… The Lake. I grew up going to my family’s lake cottage every summer, and now I have the privilege of designing a home at the same lake I grew up going to.  Can you say “Dream Job”!?

March blog inspiration Kelsey Cole

The first five things that come to mind when I think of the lake are: water, sailing, sunshine, ropes and togetherness. All five of these things, in my mind, scream light and airy spaces. While at the lake, even when you’re not outside you want to feel like you’re outside.

I know this is not specific only to the lake – everyone blossoms in natural light. Ways to accomplish letting the light shine in: have lots windows and glass doors; add wood siding to your interior walls and paint them white; and use lightweight and neutral fabrics throughout such as linen, sheers and seersucker – nothing too stiff or rigid.  Adding a little whimsy is always fun for a summer cottage, to make it feel beachy, and can be done by incorporating vintage oars, anchors, fishing rods or rope… just please don’t hang one of those singing fish that are mounted on a plaque!

Exterior living spaces are essential and should be treated the same as the interiors. They can really be an extension of the interior and have the same level of comfort but with more durable materials. After all, when at the lake, everyone wants to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as possible. Extend the already long summer days with a fire pit, it’s key for entertaining and staying warm on cooler evenings. A hammock is a must for afternoon naps after a full day of playing.

I know it’s only March, but summer can’t be too far behind this lovely spring, right?

This month’s inspiration is brought to you by Kelsey Cole,  a Kansas City girl who still loves spending time at The Lake. Kelsey loves working with natural materials from the surrounding environment. She believes a great designer does not stick to one particular style of design, but can work in many different styles. To see more of Kelsey’s work, visit


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