Looks to Love

Winter is here with our first snowfall, which means it’s time to shift our focus inside and find what makes us happy inside our homes: cozy throws, bursts of color, fun geometrical shapes and unexpected vignettes. How you ask? See some of our favorite vignettes from the Showroom – but easily replicated in your home.

chinese checkers

It really is all about fun and games here in the mountains. A well-placed game can bring the family together unlike any iPad app!

coffee table vig

Found: balance with shapes, heights, textures and colors. Think coffee table books (named that way for a reason!) paired with a sculptural piece and a pop of color to tie it all together. 

funky chair

Fashionable, fun and funky chairs will be the most-popular place to sit – and show you aren’t afraid to try something new. 

fluffy pillow

Cuddle up with a pillow. Add an orange throw, patterned pillow and fur pillow: voila on a neutral sofa – cozy and stylish. Get out the popcorn because you’re going to be there a while.

blog 2

Art doesn’t have to be serious to be seriously divine. These pieces have a feel of texture and add a lightness to the situation. 

nail chair

Traditional meets geometrical, proving you can – and should – have it all. A handsome leather-and-nail chair is perfect for a mountain home. 

love pillow

What’s not to love here? But the casualness doesn’t come casually: it’s a challenge to find just the right accessory. 

Just like you, we search to find the perfect design element, whether an entirely new sitting area or updated art. We change up our Showroom every Wednesday – so if you don’t see it today, come back in a few days. We’d love to help you find just what you’re looking for!



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