Men’s Fashion Meets Clean Design: Grey Salt

Vail is known for its steep mountains, bluebird days and incredible design; both fashion and interior. Once in a while the latter two come together in a beautiful way. Take Grey Salt, Vail’s newest on-trend men’s clothing store. It joins its sister store Perch and children’s boutique Skipper & Scout in Vail – both of which were designed by Slifer Designs’ Kelsey Cole.

Grey Salt Image

Kelsey took her past experience and wove new ideas into Grey Salt, creating a store that rivals those of high-end boutiques around the globe.  All three stores have cohesive feel with a similar aesthetic with clean, white walls and shelves that make the clothing stand out.


“To make Grey Salt unique, and with a masculine feel, we created a reclaimed wood accent wall and cash wrap, iron pipe rods for hanging,” Kelsey explains. With large-screen TV, reclaimed wood walls and over-sized, but elegant, chairs and a bar stocked with whisky – the store has a distinct feel of a lounge happens to carry clothing that rocks.


Completing the über-cool feel is the original artwork from outdoor enthusiast and former local, Bo Bridges. This is definitely a store for the grown-up man who appreciates the finer things in life.


Kelsey designed the store to have an easy flow and specialized areas for individual items: the sleek denim wall with hanging rod for ties (yes, plenty of hip men still wear them), wall pegs for duffle bags and open shelves for men’s high-end accessories.


Finally, Kelsey found tables to create a dynamic space. “We decided, rather than designing built-ins in the middle of the floor, we used tables that can easily move so the space can be more flexible,” Kelsey explains. The tables, of course, coordinate lovely with the reclaimed wood design elements, adding texture and color.


All of Kelsey’s work comes together in a modern, clean and classic design. The easy flow, the white walls, the welcoming lounge and bar creates a subtle atmosphere just right for a Vail shopping experience.

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