New York NOW

Our buying team just got back from the much-anticipated buying trip to New York City and the New York Now home accessory and gift show. It is inspiring to spend a few days traipsing around the city. The team spent the first day checking out the city. It happened to be in during the snowiest January on record, but being mountain gals, they loved every minute of it.

“We walked everywhere! We took the day prior to the show to scout some of the best stores in NY to gain inspiration. It is fun to see product that we carry in the New York stores. It shows we really carry a great variety and selection of things for homes in our small mountain town,” Addie Lagace, Slifer’s visual merchandiser, said.
So what did Tara Klaers, Lisa Mikels, Beth Slifer and Addie find in New York? Inspiration, to be sure. A few new vendors and new products that have interesting textures, colors, sparkle new designs and new vendors.

“My favorite part was finding new vendors. It is always fun to know you are bringing something new, fresh and exciting to the showroom,” Addie said. You just never know what will catch you off guard.

One element that really stood out to Addie was the new textures, especially items that are made from recycled product. What is old is new again and looks even better than ever. This hurricane has recycled rubber tied around it, creating a completely new and different look.

rubber hurricanes
Cheese is a way of life for many of us. Paired with these swanky agate-and-crystal cheese knives, a simple hors d’oeuvre platter looks glamorous. “We are always drawn to the agate stone items and this year one of our vendors introduced this new collection of cheese knives with agate and crystal handles. We couldn’t resist,” Addie enthused. It’s easy to see why not!

cheese agate knives
Totally new this year is a vendor that customized colors and patterns. We picked some ‘hot’ new pantone colors today and went to town creating pillows we know our clients will love. A sneak peak of one of the fun patterns!

custom pillow

One last sneak peak at just some of the fun new items making their way into our showroom are updated pillows. People love pillows – and simply changing a few pillows can completely transform the look and feel of a room. The buying team found a new pillow vendor that gives us deep, richly colored pillows. The charcoal grey velvet pillow is sumptuous and luxurious.

charcoal pillow

This is just a smattering of the There’s so much more, please stop by and see what else we’ve brought in to spice up your home!

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