On the Road – Trend Spotting

The Slifer Designs buying team loves hitting the road to see what inspiring trends are on tap. We look so forward to April and October when visions and renderings come to life at High Point Market in North Carolina.  Founder and creative director Beth Slifer, store manager Lisa Mikels and visual merchandiser Addie Lagace left wintery weather behind to trend spot, visit vendors, and establish new relationships. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to Las Vegas, Dallas, New York and North Carolina this year in search of dynamic and unique home goods, accessories, fabrics and furnishings. We aren’t kidding: we buy for the showroom as well as for our own homes when we’re on the road and we genuinely love what we find. Not only do we get to see what is happening on both coasts, we place orders for what’s going to transform in homes in the Rocky Mountains. Love this job!

Beth, Lisa & Addie with Mitchell Gold at the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams dinner party.

One of the most difficult aspects is narrowing our finds so we only carry that which appeals to our clients, which fits your style and becomes an heirloom piece or must-have across the board: the best of the best, both in quality and in design. However, by working with our vendors and keeping our relationships strong, we are one of the few stores that can special order just what you’re looking for.

Here is just a smattering of what we love and what are sure to be favorites. Black and white. The classic combination never becomes tired. It’s bold yet can also be neutral… adding a punch to a room. Pair geometric pillows with a classic white sofa- you’ll see them standing out on crisp white bookshelves in the store but we know that doesn’t fly in the home!
As much as we love black and white, we heard, and saw, repeatedly just how blue stands out… ‘blue is the new black.’ Seriously. Blue can be bold and intense, but it can just as easily be a neutral that enhances a space and adds a simple pop of color. Cool and classic.
Okay, blue, blue, we love you but green is captivating with its many hues. The gem colors are bold and inspiring. Dark velvets definitely are right at home in cabin-type homes in the mountains, yet they are rich and decadent. Lighter greens bring the feel of Hawaii and rain forests into a room. Green can either stand out our settle in, we just know we love the look and feel.
Finding art that fits your style and budget can be a challenge, without feeling mass produced. Finding a Van Gogh is usually out of the question. We discovered a line of artwork that feels custom but without the custom prices. Stay tuned for favorites – but be assured the lines range from whimsical to abstract, colorful to monochromatic. The hardest part is picking a favorite.
A furniture line that’s truly unique and different is rare, yet when we found Roberta Schilling we were hooked. The combination of interesting materials, bold, clean lines and the comfort made us take notice and sit down. These beauties fit so many styles: mountain, modern, contemporary and even traditional; guests will clamor to sit here.
Next up, we also found an environmentally conscious line that feels relaxed but comes with the high-standards we all expect. Classic, well built and appropriate for mountain homes, city studios and everything in between. The price point fits many budgets as well.
Quality case goods are more and more difficult to come by: cheap knock offs are disappointing on so many levels. We re-established relationships with vendors who have been around for a long time and who have the same high-quality standards we do. Buffets with strong lines, coffee tables that add to the room design and dressers that update a room – we are working hard to find pieces that work in a variety of homes.
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We fell in love with a line of Italian leather sofas and chairs; these are not knock-offs, but statement pieces. Buttery leather that you can sink into – we are smitten.
leather sofa and chair
There are so many styles to love, quality pieces that stun and make a house a home. We’re lucky that if our store is missing something you need, we can order it and have it delivered by our White Glove professionals in a short time frame. Stop by and experience the Slifer look firsthand.

We firmly believe that good design can be found anywhere from furniture markets to spring break towns to small European countries. We love to explore and seek juxtaposition of color and texture. Next week we’ll share Portugal through Slifer Designs’ president Yvonne Jacobs’ eyes. While immersed in the international design conference she met with architects and designers from around the globe and found endless design inspiration.

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