Outdoor L-i-v-i-n’

We are ready for the great outdoors. It might be the beautiful weather lately, or it might be that we are done with skiing. It might just be that it’s time to get outside and revel in the sunshine and warm temperatures. After a day spent hiking, mountain biking or even skiing, it’s wonderful to sit back and relax on a sunny deck.RuthAlvarez_GrillArea Final

Some might prefer to apres in town at the local watering hole. Me, I enjoy some quiet time on my south-facing deck, watching kids play in the park as I enjoy a cold glass of sauvignon blanc or maybe an icy Moscow Mule.

After all, isn’t kicking back on a patio with a cocktail what summer is all about? I say yes. It’s funny, as we get a little older, we want a little more comfort. Sitting on lounge chair in the driveway used to be perfect. Now, though, comfortable outdoor furniture is key to fully enjoying summer in the Rockies. I’m loving oversized chairs and comfy rockers. They bring style to any patio – and plenty of seating options if the neighbors wander over looking for their own libation.


Once we’re sure winter is over and spring is here to stay, add pops of color to your patio with fun bright fabric cushions. Always use outdoor fabric unless you plan on bringing them in every night. It’s a shame to finally get your deck looking perfect then to have your cushions ruined by a spring storm.

As the sun dips behind the Gore, creating an amber glow, and I’m still not ready to go inside. I rely on glass hurricanes with candles for lighting. It adds to the quiet golden hour.

Moscow Mule recipe: (I don’t believe in measuring. I go according to taste.)moscow-mule-shots

  • Fill a copper mug with ice. Even if you aren’t a person who likes ice, fill it up.
  • Add an inch or so of vodka. Listen to the ice crackle.
  • Add a few inches of ginger beer.
  • I don’t like my drinks sweet, so I top off the last inch or so with seltzer water.
  • Add a squeeze of lime.
  • Stir with a long spoon.
  • Relax into summer.

Nothing says summer, or spring, like a sweating copper mug. Our friends at The Scarab have wonderful copper mugs.


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