Pillow Talk

I’m taking on the softer side of accessories this month. It’s just one of the things I love and that can get overlooked, or not get their true credit: Pillows. They are often thought of as an afterthought but they can totally revamp the feel of a room, depending on the size, fabric, texture and where they are placed.

Just because pillows can be an easy addition, they shouldn’t be overused. I tend to feel less is more in the world of pillows. Pillows are so inviting and plush – until there are too many and they end up on the floor.

Lately, though, I want to use a few more. I have been researching new ideas and details that enhance pillows, add to the overall room and the look. Details on pillows – edges, unusual shapes or styles, embellishments and different colors – can make a larger impact that you might realize. Recently we were combining several different patterns with pops of color and we knew the best use of a bold color was in the pillow. It really tied the scheme and the room together and added a fun burst of color.

There’s a saying about changing your shoes and changing your life – as any woman knows it’s pretty accurate. Similarly, change your pillows for different seasons and you will change up the look and feel of the room. Our buying team found some lovely new pillows, patterns, sizes, shapes and colors on their recent buying trip in New York City. We are able to order any color we want, almost guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind look for homes.

Pillows can balance a room with visual interest and textures. We have some cuddly white faux fur pillows in the showroom. No one can resist petting them, and I know they would make a severe sofa cozy, add some levity to an otherwise minimalist room.

Not feeling like a total room revamp? Pillows add fun, whimsy and comfort without a big commitment. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something out of your comfort zone – maybe go with a fuchsia or orange; try a furry white pillow or one with embellishment. It’s a small change that can add zing to your space.

FranThis design inspiration was brought to you by Frances Karsh, whose design experience ranges from the very formal traditional to the minimalist modern and everything in between. Frances has been designing since 2000. “I love watching the project come together and seeing the vision created.”

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