Designing for the Designer

Slifer Designs is creating change from within. Starting January 6, the Slifer Designs store will close for a major remodel that will include a new design studio and a fresh retail space. With an anticipated opening at the end of January, the store will open with designer must haves for the bespoke home and hostess.

What happens when the designer designs the ultimate work space? Slifer Designs Studio is created—a splendid mix of a contemporary office and bespoke showroom items.

Slifer Designs is altering its appearance, which promises a seamless mix of interior design and shopping for home accents and accessories under one roof.

The Slifer Designs store, known for curating a list of special offerings for hosts and home, will become a more intimate shopping experience. The freshly designed 1,200 square foot store will still provide plenty of design inspiration and expertise but will simply be smaller in space.

The rest of the store will be redesigned to fit the interior design firm, which previously was housed upstairs. The benefits of this new arrangement are many, explains Yvonne Jacobs, president.

“Interior designers will be available for questions from shoppers in the store,” Jacobs explains. “This means homeowners can get professional input on what works best for their home.”

Slifer Designs’ veteran and interior architect, senior designer, Kim Toms, has done what she does best: revamped the showroom space to fit the needs of the interior designers while keeping the store inviting and exciting.

“I love the challenge of re-inventing spaces. This project, obviously, was near and dear to my heart. I had the opportunity to create a showroom and design studio that work well together, providing a professional atmosphere and showroom space almost in one,” Toms says.

The Slifer Designs store will be closed starting January 6 for a few weeks while the transformation takes place, with anticipated re-opening the end of January. By the end of February, the rest of the design studio will be completed. You can bet the project will be done within budget, on time with a jaw-dropping end result.

Slifer Designs is the Vail Valley’s iconic design firm, with a team of professionally trained interior designers and showroom experts.

Offering full-service interior design, interior architecture and hospitality design services for since 1984, Slifer Designs has consistently ranked in the top residential interior design firms by Interior Design magazine. Specializing in resort design and furnishings with flair, Slifer Designs’ professional design team travels throughout the United States creating inspired living spaces. The interior design team, along with the Slifer Designs’ retail associates in Edwards, help homeowners create living areas that are comfortable and creative.

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