Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Fireplace design challenge

The designers have been very busy this week, from community service projects to local installing local projects to readying for photo shoots – across the country.

Melissa Dombrowski spent most of Thursday and Friday installing a fireplace she designed. She had a challenge with the project, as she explains, “The stone half was already there and the client wanted some ideas for what to do with the top half. The structure wouldn’t support a complete stone exterior so I had to come up with some new creative solutions.”

That is one of the more fun parts of the job – getting to be creative with materials and designs, working with clients to create just what they want. Melissa goes on to say, “I designed a reclaimed wood façade for the top half.”

Pre-install reclaimed wood.

Getting there….

The final product … the reclaimed wood perfectly accents the stone fireplace.

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