Scarily Sophisticated

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Create a perfectly designed home just for this spooky holiday. 

There’s no doubt that Halloween is fun for kids – the candy, costumes and the festivities. But what about us adults? We want to have some fun too, spicing up our homes for the spookiest holiday of all. There’s no need for hokey decorations, this Halloween we dare you to up the wow with these few style tips.

Kids will come to your door, no matter what the entry looks like. But try bringing a sophisticated spook to your door. Put pumpkins of different sizes, shapes and colors leading to the door; add in a few luminaries and candles, a black-feather wreath and a touch of scare with a skeleton, a witch or even a skull. Have fun with your décor, for Halloween comes just once a year.

scary-halloween-front-door-designs orange-accent-door-drives-home-the-theme

Make your entry welcoming and holiday ready with a variety of pumpkins. Add a few spray-painted black branches with dangling bats and a few sweetly spiced candles to add a warm glow. It’s a sophisticated twist on Halloween.

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Sweets for the sweet – make an adult dessert table. The key to keeping it adult is to use neutral colors. Black, white and silver are elegant. Add in a white pumpkin or a bright orange one for a pop of color. Use an element of quirkiness and wow with a few ravens, bats or witches hats.


Set the table with blooming flowers perched in an etched pumpkin. Pair it with a few smaller pumpkins for an eye-catching centerpiece. Use black napkins on a white tablecloth with heavy silverware pieces, elegant glassware and bat-shaped place tags for an adult spin on the table.

etched-pumpkin-design-using-black-paint wpid-halloween-decor2

Bring some bling with bronzed pumpkins. Paint one in a shimmery bronze, add glitter to another, paint a third in a fun pattern. Have them coordinate for a spectacular look on your front porch or on your coffee table.

fascinating-interior-room-with-creepy-halloween-decorations-using-big-and-small-fake-pumkin stacked-pump

Have fun with Halloween! Carve a few pumpkins, some scary, some not, try etching or painting for a more mature look. Don’t forget the impact of candles paired with an elegantly set table. Halloween can be just as sophisticated as other holidays.

halloween-bats-and-skulls-and-spiders il_570xn-648741524_pb9l


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