Slifer Designs to Transform Lodge and Spa at Cordillera

Work has already begun on the new rehabilitation, health and wellness facility.

Slifer Designs was selected to transform the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera into a high-end rehabilitation center, as well as a health and wellness facility. Principal Kim Toms, who will work with designer Kelsey Cole, envisions spacious guest spaces laid out in a way to balance mind and body. Toms will also design the amenities offered at the center including yoga, fitness area, full spa, restaurant, lobby, halls, therapy rooms, interior pool space, juice bar and lounge areas. The owners vision for the facility is to feel more like a luxury retreat with a very residential atmosphere.

“I am really excited to use my background in hotel, multi-unit and hospitality design projects,” Toms said. “The intent is to create calming and healing spaces for whole body rejuvenation; creating an overall positive mood and vibe.”

While, at less than 100,000 square feet, this isn’t the largest project Toms has worked on, although, it is one of the bigger projects in recent history. Toms and Cole will completely remodel 47 guest rooms, adding privacy for double rooms while making it feel welcoming with neutral colors, clean lines and more contemporary furnishings. They will also update the fixed finishes including plumbing, flooring, lighting, walls and ceilings for an updated and soothing feel.

The lodge, purchased by Concerted Care Group from Baltimore, overlooks Edwards and is perched on the side of a hill in Cordillera. Toms says the layout of the lodge is perfect for this type of facility. The building is split into four sections, which made it feel cutoff as a hotel; for a treatment resort, the separation lends privacy. It’s off the beaten path but close enough to be accessible to those who need help and a break.

The first phase of the project will start in October, with a completion date of next summer.

“It’s right in our backyard. Nobody designs a high-end rehabilitation resorts, it’s a new concept and we are really excited to be part of it,” Toms says. “We’ve conceptualized the plans and are eager to dig in and start making changes to the property.”

In a community where physical prowess is highly regarded, it is beneficial to have a facility that treats mind and soul as well.

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