Sparkle and Joy

As we’ve been busy readying for thanksgiving – the turkey is stuffed, the potatoes are mashed and the wine is poured – Christmas has quietly been sneaking up on us. I, for one, like to be done with Christmas shopping sooner than later. It doesn’t always happen – or a last –minute gift need comes up and I feel frazzled. The Slifer Designs’ Showroom Team has come to the rescue, recommending a few favorite gifts for men and women.

Game tables are super hot right now. Many homes have little nooks or areas set aside for games – it harkens back to a less stressful time and come to find out kids still love to play board games with mom and dad: it’s not all iPad and computers. What a fun gift for the man in your life, show him that you get his playful side.

game table

Mothers and mothers-in-law love the festivities – or at least mine do. You can’t go wrong with holiday pillows. They add a little pizzazz to the room – and are comfortable for gramps to lean on while watching the big game. The best part is that they are cute and cozy without being overly embellished and fussy.

Holiday Pillows 2

We’ve found these Mariposa napkin boxes never go out of style. Who doesn’t need napkins? Presented in the silver box with a holiday adornment, it becomes the perfect hostess gift or addition to the buffet.

Napkin Boxes

For the person who has everything – and there are many of those – make a gift personal. Add a picture of you and your host in a frame, and it immediately becomes special and unique. If you don’t know the person well, a book on wines or colorful tray, a fun set of glasses or even a special ornament are welcome and thoughtful gifts.

Gift Table

Browse our holiday candles and ornaments. The candles, Lafco – continually listed as one of Oprah’s favorite things – come in a hand-blown glass and exude the most delicious aroma. A favorite during the holidays is “Tree,” which smells like, well, an evergreen tree. Everyone loves a new ornament. It becomes tradition to find a few new ones to embellish the tree and become part of the tree-trimming tradition. It’s fun to see how they’ve changed over the years, and how they add sparkle and joy.


Sparkle and joy – that is really what this season is about. Enjoy!

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