Spring is in the air… but we won’t be fooled. We know it probably will snow in March, April and May. Yikes! But we are going to embrace the lovely spring weather and share of our favorites for the season.

We love sheepskin. We know, sheepskin seems wintry. But it’s really not. It adds interest – white puffs of fluff – right away.  We are in love with this chair – sexy, fun lines and the obvious luxury.

MG chair


We are embracing brass. Not the bright, shiny brass of the 1980s, but the toned-down, interesting brass of today. Did you notice Diane on The Good Wife used brass silverware when she was at an exclusive hunting lodge? Brass is back. Note the chair above in brass. Below, this starburst brass chandelier, brass accent tables and brass dining room light make this space fun – not outdated!

FourSeasons_GreatRoom1 Vertical resize2

We’re promising to try larger pieces of artwork. The rest of this room is neutral, so this fun piece of art really pops and livens the space. Notice the finely detailed brass chandelier. We have a two-fer-one here!


These two bursts of color in this otherwise calming stair area speak for themselves.
Stairs_Art resizeA few other trends we are loving right now – easy trends to incorporate and bring the spring indoors. Houseplants. they not only clean the air – I recently read that indoor air is three-times more polluted than outdoor – but they add color. Pull out different tableware: colorful plates, funky silverware or pitchers with matching glasses. It’s still surprising just how changing a few little things can elevate your mood.

Last but not least… fresh cut flowers. It’s the time of year where daffodils, lilies and tulips are exploding with color and seem to be everywhere. Put lighter-colored ones into a colorful vase. Arrange several colors in a cut-glass vase. Pepper them throughout your house. My daughters always like a flower (or dandelion truth be told) in a little vase in their room. Why not?


We’re just a little too excited for spring, it’s bound to snow, blizzard or pound down snow again. But when it does, we’ll keep these images in our mind. Ready to welcome it back.


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