Staged for Success

Staged for Success

There should be no doubt as to the benefits of staging a home for sale—but if there were, they should be laid to rest about now. Joanne Brutsch and Dennis Szkotnicki, Slifer Design’s Denver design dream team, paired with Denver Fuller-Sotheby’s realtors Maggie Armstrong and Trish Bragg to showcase the impact interior design has on a home. The house had been on the market for a while. After one week of Slifer’s impeccable design and rejuvenation, the owners received an offer.

Joanne and Dennis updated the main level of a Cherry Creek North Country Club home with furnishings. The transformation was stunning with a fun reveal party: the interior went from dark and heavy to light, airy and updated.

“The beautiful architecture of the home was hidden by the heavy décor before,” explains Joanne. “After, the beautiful wood beams and molding were showcased. It created a beautiful contrast with the newly painted lighter walls and neutral furnishings palette.”

This transformation was more than simple fixes: the design team worked with Denver art consultant Ann Benson Reidy who provided original art. The art along with her trained eye enhanced the beauty of the new interior. “More good news, we received an offer on the house,” said Trish Bragg from Fuller Sotheby’s. “It’s a positive sign of the impact of interior design.”

All furnishings, accessories, mirrors, some lighting and some artwork were provided by Slifer Designs and are available for purchase. Do you want your space transformed? Call us—we love a challenge!

The living room is homey—a room to relax and escape in.

      Before, the dining room is reminiscent of a        The dining room is light and airy. Clean & contemporary
time gone by (thankfully!)                                   without forgetting the home's history.

Before, the kitchen is dark an unappetizing.                   After, the room is brunch-ready.     

The living room’s huge windows let in light and add an interesting focal point.

Unique and whimsical decor add to the house's appeal.

Nothing staid about this office space—clean, clear lines and artwork that is compliments the space.

This wide staircase is a focal point unto itself. We added contrasting artwork to make it even more interesting.

If all the world's a stage, we are thrilled to be part of the setting! Let us help you with your next challenge.

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